‘Marfa Reflections’ trailer: The government built a temple on a remote Texas desert

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, B.C. – A new video trailer published to YouTube on January 16, 2015, offers viewers a tantalizing look at a desert temple paid for by government, mystery lights and the search for meaning along with the conclusions of a veteran journalist. Recorded using a steadicam-mounted “Ghost Hunters” camera on a multi-night expedition across remote terrain in West Texas “Marfa Reflections” promises new insights into the Marfa experience never shown in any form of media before. NewsIO Plus subscribers will receive access to the exclusive mini-documentary “Marfa Reflections” plus new productions each month with their subscriptions.

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3 Replies to “‘Marfa Reflections’ trailer: The government built a temple on a remote Texas desert”

  1. This almost makes me laugh. When I was in Marfa in 1984, it was nothing but a bar and a few rooms to the side where the bartender and his wife resided. NO, there wasn’t anything at all mystical about it!

    1. Stevor, “Giant” (1956) and “No Country for Old Men” (2006) both won Academy Awards and both were filmed in Marfa, Texas. The local Chamber of Commerce states “Native American residents knew about Marfa Mystery Lights long before the first recorded sighting in 1883.” The Observation Center was constructed in 2003, 20 years after your reported visit. The local Pizza Foundation (est. 2003) is touted by critics for its “divine creations.” The Marfa experience appears to offer something more than what you describe 🙂

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