‘UFO Mountain’ trailer: ‘Odyssey’-like contact in Cascadian adventure of a lifetime

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, B.C. – A new video trailer published to YouTube on March 4, 2015, offers viewers a tantalizing look at results from a five-year instrumental UFO study at the location of Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 flying saucers incident. “UFO Mountain” promises new insights into the Columbia River Gorge UFO experience including exclusive footage never shown before on terrestrial media. The visionary mini-documentary was recorded using a “Ghost Hunters” infrared camera on a multi-season expedition across near-wilderness terrain. NewsIO Plus subscribers will receive access to the exclusive mini-documentary “UFO Mountain” plus new productions each month with their subscriptions.

In the 1960s filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke envisioned the military-industrial-governmental complex as the facilitator for humanity’s contact with extraterrestrials. By the early 21st century “We the People” had assumed responsibility for making contact themselves. Equipped with advanced low-light optical systems and video cameras experiencers undertook an “Odyssey”-like adventure at the edge of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Wilderness near Mt. Adams, the Cascadian region that witnessed Kenneth Arnold’s “flying saucers” incident of 1947 and the Yakima Lights.

Join journalist and videographer Jon Kelly on an adventure of a lifetime exploring UFO phenomena of the Columbia River Gorge from the ECETI Ranch near Mt. Adams in South Central Washington State. VIP subscribers will learn what was uncovered during a five-year instrumental study at the “UFO Mountain.”

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