‘UFOs and Spirituality’ trailer (Part I): Behind the scenes with Japan’s Anemone magazine

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, B.C. – A new video trailer published to YouTube on April 5, 2015, offers viewers a tantalizing look behind the scenes with Japan’s Anemone magazine in the first of an exclusive two-part interview series featuring NewsInsideOut.com’s Jon Kelly. Part I of “UFOs and Spirituality” explores some of the people and issues behind the making of the mini-documentaries “UFO Mountain” and “Marfa Reflections,” released through NewsIO Plus earlier this year. During his wide-ranging interview the former CBS Radio feature producer and international clinician stated a belief that adventurers who cross the world to find UFO hotspots ultimately find themselves.

Topics covered in Part I of “UFOs and Spirituality” include meditation, journalism, Chinese internal energy arts, classical Yoga, the Yakima Lights, Mt. Adams and the ECETI Ranch, Sasquatch, Super Natural British Columbia, Canada’s Sonoran Desert, the Okanagan Lake Ogopogo cryptid, daylight UFOs over Dallas, the Marfa Lights, the 1974 Coyame, Mexico UFO crash incident and more. Part II of this series is scheduled for release later this month.

NewsIO Plus subscribers are streaming the exclusive behind the scenes interview series “UFOs and Spirituality” plus new productions included each month with their subscriptions. Anemone’s interview with Jon Kelly is tentatively scheduled for Japanese print publication on May 9, 2015.

Find out more about journalist and videographer Jon Kelly’s adventure of a lifetime exploring UFO and mystery lights phenomena of the Columbia River Gorge and the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas. VIP subscribers receive behind the scenes access to the making of “UFO Mountain” and “Marfa Reflections” as told to Japan’s Anemone magazine.

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