UFO night vision skywatch for Vancouver, BC online archive

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – An exclusive live night vision feed from a UFO skywatch held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for April 7, 2015. The broadcast event began at approximately 9:50 p.m. and ended shortly after 11 p.m. PST with a number of satellite candidates appearing in the feed. Live UFO skywatch broadcasts provide unprecedented opportunities for global participants to witness live contact incidents and participate through social media comments with other viewers.

This broadcast featured video from the Pulsar Recon X550 digital night vision monocular. Engineered for video transmission this high-sensitivity sports optic provides 0.0001 Lux night vision in a five degree field of view. The Recon offers both day and night operations in easy to operate and transport form factor built tough for years of outdoors use.

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