Green UFO pulls object across sky in multi-sensor thermal and night vision video

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on May 10, 2015, reveals an unidentified object cluster flying over Vancouver’s English Bay. Local astronomer Charles Lamoureux captured the extraordinary images seen in the production titled “Amazing UFO” during the evening of May 9 from the deck of his Yaletown apartment. Recorded with a multi-spectral multi-sensor camera rig the video shows a hot cluster of objects where a smaller green-colored orb appears to be pulling a larger mass at least four times its apparent size across the sky.

While the thermal heat signature (comparable to an airplane’s according to the videographer) may suggest the role of Chinese lanterns, apparent pulling behavior shown in the video contradicts mundane explanations involving lanterns or balloons pushed by high-altitude winds. This discrepancy occurs where aerodynamic science embraces the notion of bodies with larger surface areas offering higher air resistance (drag) than their smaller counterparts. Under wind-driven propulsion the larger mass would be pulling the smaller green orb downwind, like a familiar spinnaker raised at the front of a sailboat.

Charles Lamoureux has stated his intention to conduct additional thermal imaging tests using helium balloons in order to further clarify the difference between such widely-available objects and the hot UFO. Breakthrough independent grassroots efforts like those of the former Canadian skeptic continue to provide free public access to valuable research materials in a politically and culturally hostile climate where heavily-funded and highly-staffed public institutions have been derelict in their duty to promote education concerning emerging frontiers of the Exosciences.

This is the not the first but rather one of many extraordinary videos to emerge from the deck of the celebrated experiencer in recent years.’s Jon Kelly discussed the UFO findings of Charles Lamoureux and the Lamoureux family legacy in Vancouver history during the 2014 Countdown to Contact conference held last September.

Charles Lamoureux also spoke with’s Jon Kelly in a 30-minute interview from early 2013 that explored his journey from skeptic to experiencer and the role of night vision optics in personal contact research.

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4 Replies to “Green UFO pulls object across sky in multi-sensor thermal and night vision video”

  1. It is a spy satellite — when it flys it looks like a plane although silent. They fly in a gyroscopic like fashion (with running white, green and red lights like LED flashing lights) and then most of them morph into a stationary satellite that remain stationed in the night skies. It doesn’t actually morph but appears to — I think they have some type of shield that makes them appear orb-like although some of them flicker and their light apparatus can remain visible like sticks sticking out from their sides with the red light remaining on top. They also spray chem trails and can patrol an area in a layered grid-like manner. I have noticed about 15 of them peppering my night skies (on clear nights). They can fly very low and recently I saw one hover above an EMS truck and leave the scene when the emergency vehicle left the scene. I thought they may have been drones initially, but now I don’t think so.

  2. ps — they look like airplanes (sorta’) when they fly but with a gyroscopic-like mechanism (like a flying satellite). The eerie part is that they are absolutely silent and many times they are cloaked. I initially noticed them because many of them are stationed way to low to be stars or planets and when observed with SkyMaster binoculars then the details become evident. I thought I was the only one seeing them but my neighbors admitted that they could see them also. Not UFOs but probably military or military-contracted. We are currently in a police state. No one could have convinced me of this possibility 20 years ago but I must believe my “lying eyes.”

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