Secret Messages: CBS newscast exposed ‘personal’ information

By Jon Kelly

Cleveland, OH – An exclusive new video posted to YouTube on June 27, 2015, offers a look back at a historic television broadcast investigating claims of secret messages encrypted backwards in human speech and the information contained therein. Independent research into unconscious communications conducted by’s Jon Kelly was the subject of a report for CBS 19 Action News WOIO-TV in Cleveland, Ohio.”Secret Messages” aired November 13, 2006, to garner a number one rating during that season’s Nielsen sweeps.

The local CBS news report followed upon research that had anticipated details of the Iraq War and identified the BTK Killer. In the years to follow it would name Russian spy Anna Chapman’s accomplice and disclose Edward Snowden’s UFOs months before the mainstream press. Mental health professionals including Seattle Psychologist Dr. Susan M. Engman, PhD, would testify to the pragmatic efficiency of listening to unconscious speech reflected in a digital audio mirror, citing its psychoactive potential supporting catharsis in one session.’s Jon Kelly explains. “Catharsis in one session was not what the local news team was planning to discover during a two hour closed-door taping session. The reporter’s journey from skeptical mockery to visible discomfort as details of what she described as her “personal” life unfolded in the room during taping is shown during the segment.

“If CBS had anticipated an ambush and subsequent media bloodbath the integrity of my work was unable to accommodate any such suggestion during that particular taping. My visit to Cleveland was notable for a night in hotel room 1313 and a personal tour of the Cleveland Grays Armory Museum. The production team worked closely with me during my stay, ensuring a memorable encounter and an inside look at local news media network television broadcast operations of that era.

“The number one Nielsen rating for that broadcast informed me how by 2006 my work had conceived the spirited focal points of the collective imagination for both radio and television audiences alike. I continue to produce private sessions by telephone and develop online video production for both YouTube and NewsIO Plus that explores Consciousness, ET Contact and Spirituality.”

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