Meditation Music: Matthew Kocel performs breathwork with conch and singing bowl

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video published to YouTube on November 8, 2015, offers viewers front-row access to meditation music from Matthew Kocel’s Sunday performance on conch and crystal singing bowl at Morningstar Transformations. Featuring narration by Emotional Alchemist Laurie Morningstar, this video encourages audiences to breathe deeply while they imagine “receiving a hug from Mother Earth.”

Website describes Matthew Kocel as “a throat singer, healer and musical visionary driven by his mission to inspire unity through the universal language of music and sacred sound. The harmonic overtones of his voice –  two, three, or more notes at the same time – vibrate the core of your being with extraordinary sensations, awakening a deep spiritual presence beyond words.”

According to one source, a conch or shell trumpet is fashioned from the shell of a large sea snail by cutting at hole in the shell’s spire at its apex. In South Asian spiritual traditions, the conch appears in the iconography of Visnu and is famously performed as the Panchajanya (defined as “control over the five elements/five lower chakras) by Krishna on the battlefield of the Mahabharata War.

In the tradition of the Vedic people who occupied the Indus River Valley Visnu is stationed in the role of Chief Administrator, Operator or Controller of the creation. Personal control of the gateways of consciousness located within the human body is achieved through practice of intensive spiritual disciplines including meditation, according to Yoga. Under these conditions, the Cosmic potential within the human body is said to operate, ascending within a subtle meridian that follows the spine with resultant expressions of higher consciousness and optimized functionality.

This ascent of the Kundalini is accompanied by subtle inner sounds, described below in the testimony of a yogic monk who was witness to his guru’s demonstration of occult kundalini-raising powers.

He touched his stick to my muladhara chakra and gave the order, “Get up! Get up energy!” Suddenly I felt something in my muladhara cakra and felt uneasy. Without removing his stick, Baba explained to everyone about the cakra. I heard what Baba was saying, but as though I was far away.

Then after a few minutes, Baba said, “Cakra, dance!” Then he asked “Do you hear any sound?” “Yes, Baba, I hear the sound of crickets.” He pushed the stick a little.

Then he moved the stick up to my svadhistana cakra. Baba explained to everyone about this cakra. Then He said, “Now dance!” I started to feel very uneasy and strange. I wanted to leave the room, but I could not. Baba asked me, “What sound do you hear?” I said, “The sound of ankle bells.” Baba explained that this was the sound of Lord Krsna, which all the gopis enjoyed.

Then He moved the stick up to my navel (manipura cakra). He explained about this to everyone. Then he said, “Now dance!” I felt as if my stomach would burst. I started to feel suffocation. “What sound do you hear?” “Baba, I hear the sound of a sweet flute.” Baba explained that was the flute of Krsna. It was an intoxicating sound.

Then Baba asked one Margii, “Do you hear this sound, too?” He answered, “Yes, Baba.” Baba explained, “This man is very developed, so his body has special capacity to hear the internal sound of another person’s cakras.”

Then Baba moved His stick up to my heart, the Anahata cakra. My body started trembling, but Baba seemed to be controlling it. Baba explained about the many propensities of this cakra. Then He said, “Now dance!” Then I felt as though I was floating in the ocean. Baba asked “What sound do you hear?” I replied that I was hearing the sound of the ocean. Baba said, “Yes, the sound of a strong wind, the hssss! of a storm.

Baba moved His stick up to my vishuddha cakra, and explained that it has 16 propensities. He said that many ideas and thoughts are created here. “Now dance!” I told Baba I was hearing the sound of Onm. It was very sweet, very calming and quiet. I felt all my nerves and body start to collapse. I lost consciousness and fell backwards.

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