Video: Daylight UFOs over Vancouver on New Year’s Day 2016

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on January 19, 2016, shows UFO images from a smartphone depicting two white luminous spheres over downtown Vancouver under blue sky daylight conditions on New Year’s Day. The witness claims there were three objects that appeared to be travelling southwest and that one of the objects, not shown in the video, had already disappeared behind a building at the time of recording. The remaining two objects seem to remain equidistant apart while drifting in slow unison unlike local seagulls or possible balloons.

The witness has requested anonymity and offered the following testimony regarding their experience. “On January 1, 2016, at approximately 11:11 a.m. PST, I was walking my dog and I looked up and saw three flashing metallic looking objects coming from over the North Shore Mountains. Immediately, I pointed them out to a couple who also witnessed them. Right after I pulled out my phone and started recording. The objects travelled linearly towards the southwest.“

The raw original video was recorded in high definition 1080 resolution at 30 fps using a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530W smartphone CMOS camera. The published version corrects for vertical recording via digital magnification, image stabilization and time expansion providing viewers with a clear look at a mystery that accompanies daily life on the West Coast for numerous experiencers.

The January 1, 2016, incident follows upon statements made by this reporter to international Chinese network New Tang Dynasty Television in a 2013 interview during which it was observed how “These phenomena are accessible to the public and with the prevalence of modern digital photographic equipment like cell phone cameras we can expect more and more evidence and data to emerge from this population.”

At the time of that interview there were possibly tens of millions of species living on our planet that are unknown to and unclassified by conventional mainstream science. A contemporary science article published by NBC News earlier that year cited strange creatures dwelling in plain sight in our cities, explaining how “If we don’t look, we’ll never know.”

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