Advancing the Horizon of Human Understanding: MUFON Utah State Director Erica Lukes Interviews Jon Kelly

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on February 28, 2016, captures Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Utah State Director Erica Lukes in conversation with’s Jon Kelly for an insightful 90 minutes exploring consciousness, anthropological, sociological and technical dimensions of experiential contact. The producer of such mini-documentaries as “UFO Canyon,” and “UFO Mountain” emphasized contact as a bridging mechanism linking human society with other civilizations along with what he described as the almost-inevitable expression of advanced behavioral characteristics from within the mind of the experiencer.

Fiercely independent research meets the new wave of MUFON state director seeking access to resources and opportunities to develop effective teams who can participate in advancing the horizon of human understanding. The following partial transcript offers a preview of what listeners can expect to hear from this broadcast that originally aired January 16, 2016.

Erica Lukes: Jon, give us a little bit of background on the UFO and paranormal work that you’ve done and help us understand how we can become better at connecting.

Jon Kelly: My work in these fields emphasizes consciousness development. I was a person who got involved in a very serious yogic meditation path as a young adult. The classical yogic world is populated with all kinds of phenomena, a really long litany of phenomena. There are people who study the Vedas [possibly world’s oldest literature] who say that they contain descriptions of aircraft and spaceships as if those people had high tech.

Beyond any kind of nuts-and-bolts high tech the concepts of Siddhis and occult powers are part of the yogic culture. There’s this expectation that people will have breakthrough experiences when they perform the practices intensively. I’m not just talking about the Hatha Yoga that people enjoy, the athletic posture and stretching exercises that are very popular now. I’m talking about the other seven limbs that Patanjali talked about: Pratyahara, Pranayama etc. All these different practices, the internal practices.

When people do the internal practices as vigorously as they do the athletic work they will be stimulating this very high potential within them. It’s described as a Cosmic potential. When the Cosmic and the human get together there’s a really big party that follows.

When we think about the UFO phenomena we think about the cosmic travellers and the cosmic entities that are living in this multi-dimensional universe with us. There’s a simile. When we feel that our inner compass is guiding us to understand the cosmic within us, that our lives and our experiences in the material universe begin to reflect more of those qualities. We begin to feel that it’s as if there was a cosmic influence in our flow of our everyday experience and that all these remarkable things happen.

I had cited Dorothy Izatt in our earlier call as a housewife who lived here in the Vancouver region and was very successful in taping UFOs on 8mm film, thirty thousand feet of it. Her footage was scrutinized by professors at the University of British Columbia and her work was widely seen on U.S. television during the 1980s. Again, this is just a family person who lives in their home and when they look out the window there’s a UFO and they film it.

We see that this flow of their lifestyle has this cosmic duty. That person is like a bridge to other consciousness and civilizations. In the anthropological world people talk about the shaman as the bridge between society and the natural world or the universe and its potential. The medicine people in Native American tradition, the medicine person as the bridge, that their beingness, their existence embodies this participation in more than one dimension of being.

From those traditional viewpoints with a good medicine person the society would benefit. They would bring gifts to the society for the advancement of the people and the betterment of their quality of life.

The contactee, the person who acts as the facilitator in some way who, maybe just through their storytelling or maybe by bringing others with them to their contact experiences or by filming then publishing their work, they are also in engaging in that kind of bridging work. They are advancing the horizon of human understanding into new and exciting arenas with all kinds of different future potentials. But again the potential that I emphasize the most is the impact on consciousness development; that the contact event serves as a springboard into higher understanding and expanded functionality of mental performance, behavioral performance improvements.

I say that people will demonstrate some of the yogic siddhis. Their talents will emerge. This is part of the UFO literature, that people’s talents, their painterly or musical or other talents manifest in conjunction with their contact experiences.

This is aligned with what the yogis were saying, that the higher virtues can be awakened through contact with very intense consciousness’s, other maybe more advanced beings can stimulate us in ways just through their presence, to excite within us growth and development.

This is where I see the greatest opportunity. As a person who emphasizes the spiritual over many other things, for me, that’s where this leads. But it’s entirely reasonable to say that in terms of material science, there are long-standing claims already. Philip Corso wrote a book about fibre optics coming from UFO crash sites. There is an assumption that there are material science advances that will also, if they haven’t already arrived, they will come through these interactions.

People who are serious about creating legal and political structures that will support the long-term growth and development of human civilization interaction with other civilizations have authored works in the area of Exopolitics. People have put forwards all kinds of policies that describe a society that succeeds in those diplomatic interactions and integration occurs. They envision universal societies and treaties. That vision may be a little too far ahead of where I am in terms of my hands-on experience but it’s obvious for anyone who is familiar with the literature that greater thinkers have anticipated that there are going to be all kinds of potential benefits from that kind of growth and integration.

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