2016 Through the Mirror: Jon Kelly’s top ten most-read articles revealed

By Jon Kelly


Jon Kelly’s top ten most-read articles revealed

Vancouver, BC – A review of 2016’s top ten most-read articles written exclusively by Canadian journalist NewsInsideOut reporter Jon Kelly suggests it was a year for news to focus on international false flag terrorism, domestic stings targeting the so-called alt-right, censorship in social media, targeting of women in UFOlogy, the birth of a new era in live UFO broadcasting and more. Reports from the former CBS Radio feature producer are known for offering futuristic insight defining deep politics that shape news and the world around us. The following look back offers a summary of this year’s reader-selected highlights with clickable links to each of the articles.

Number ten from our top ten list of most-read articles by Jon Kelly investigated the soundtrack from a video recorded in March by witness Shawna Cox captured from inside of the besieged vehicle of Malheur County Wildlife Refuge occupiers. The video soundtrack became the focal point of a study that determined how protestors issued cries of “murder” while under fire.  FBI snipers were said to be under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for their role in the death of LaVoy Finicum at the scene.

Our number nine story “Primacy of the American Sniper” followed an extraordinary chain of evidence linking the Oregon standoff to the San Bernardino mass shooting, Boston Marathon bombing, Euromaidan Revolution in Ukraine, Craft mercenaries, “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and CIA “Phoenix Program” domestic operations including the SLA kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst, Al Gore’s alleged Portland masseuse and the California governorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Number eight from our top ten list announced the release of Alfred Lambremont Webre’s “Navigating the Omniverse” workshop online via NewsInsideOut Plus. “It was a beautiful April day at the P.N.E. as I walked past Momiji Gardens towards the entrance of Vancouver’s 2016 Body Soul & Spirit Expo to attend “Navigating the Omniverse”, a breakthrough workshop based on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s bestselling new book.” Viewers can watch this workshop along with other titles available in the exclusive NewsInsideOut Plus Video Library.

Number seven discussed an investigation of Hampstead UK Child Sexual Abuse that led the British government to issue a legal complaint in November effectively banning YouTube UK publication of the video “Ricky Dearman’s Satanic Verses”. The original article described a besieged father’s response to allegations he leads a North London-based satanic cult focused on ritual murder, pedophilia and human trafficking. The disgraced actor had earlier told BBC “I’m the leader of a satanic sex cult”.

Our number six story in this year’s top ten list highlighted the birth of a new era in live broadcasting over social media. A night vision UFO skywatch hosted from Vancouver, British Columbia, streamed over Facebook Live in a historic first-of-its-kind free public event. While the critically panned UFO results may not have been as spectacular as other footage gathered from the same location, this landmark event only furthered our sense that social media somehow isn’t just for humans anymore.

Number five examined the targeting of women at UFO conferences for stalking and sexual abuse. Erica Lukes’ interview and exclusive statement spoke further to allegations aired in an extraordinary radio moment with Coast to Coast AM’s George Knapp (story includes MP3 audio). Stalking and sexual abuse targeting women in the UFOlogy community is now international news. And a potential JTRIG operative appearing under the guise of a confidential informant left UFOlogy citing risks to privacy.

Our number four story from the top ten list named the Israeli Mossad at Brussels based upon findings in testimony of a witness to explosions at Zaventem airport, one incident on a day in March when 35 died and more than 300 were said to be injured during several explosions. A swarm of multiple foreign intelligence agency undercover operatives are said to have conspired around the de facto capital of the European Union where the witness was presented on television under a name synonymous with “Paris”. The English-language term Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is shown to be styled as the acronym “ISIS”.

Number three navigates what happens when independent journalistic video is rejected for distribution by one of the top-ranked social media websites in the world. It turns out the answer is to offer that and other titles via private label on-demand pay-per-view subscription. We call it NewsInsideOut Plus. One of many stories to further crystallize the necessity for public support of private label distribution for leading-edge content secure from the editorial reach of an increasingly censorious social media.

Our number two story in this year’s top ten list reported that Ammon Bundy unconsciously disclosed his standing as a government-paid agent provocateur during multiple video statements posted to social media in the wake of a federal building occupation by armed protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. A federal jury in Oregon found all defendants not guilty during a subsequent trial that ended in October, a fact that has done nothing to lift these suspicions. Such light treatment by the courts could be expected if in fact the occupation had been a sting seeking to entrap naïve constitutionalists and the so-called alt-right all along.

Our number one reader-selected story written by NewsInsideOut reporter former CBS Radio feature producer Jon Kelly investigated a report stating the Central Intelligence Agency was named by one witness to explosions at Brussels’ Zaventem airport claimed by terrorist group ISIS. This in a climate where Russian Colonel Alexander Zhilin had stated earlier, “My point of view is that we absolutely must support Assad. We must ensure he has all he needs to destroy ISIS, in the understanding that ISIS is a non-structural division of the CIA.”

That’s a wrap for this year’s list from Jon Kelly. Please remember that cutting-edge alternative news reporting like the body of work shown above is under siege as we continue bringing news that makes a difference.

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