‘Mars mission’: James Mattis talks Russia, military space exploration at defense secretary confirmation hearing

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on January 13, 2017, purports retired United States Marine Corps General James N. Mattis appeared eager to direct a Mars military program during yesterday’s senate defense secretary confirmation hearing. When discussing threats to the United States, the prospective Trump cabinet member is shown to have uttered a mirror-encrypted message citing a “Mars mission.”

Scientists are now said to be awaiting news of the president-elect’s plans for NASA with looming changes to policy, budgets and diplomacy involving international space partners (including Russia). These changes are expected in an era when rights to privatized space research and exploration are being claimed by private corporations including SpaceX and Mars One.

According to the space agency, NASA is not a part of the Department of Defense or of any other Cabinet-level department. If confirmed as SecDef, James Mattis can look forwards to steering strictly military missions to their completion. Attempts to identify origins and meanings of the Mars mission message therefore shift to mythological and archetypal invocations to the Roman god of war. At further outreaches along the investigative continuum we recognize claims of a supposed US secret colony on Mars, a topic covered by Wired in 2012 and widely attested to in the alternative and Exopolitical press.

An entrenched “I-went-to-Mars” cottage-industry pop subculture claiming secret interplanetary missions involving time travel, President Barack Obama and members of the second Bush administration has dominated alternative media and Exopolitical discourse in recent years. The claims of this movement reinvigorate discussions of “Alternative 3,” a 1977 British television science fiction broadcast that cited secret joint US/Soviet visits to Mars in the early 1960s. President Obama’s White House responded to the second wave Mars Colony whistleblowers in 2012 via a limited hangout published to Wired in which then-National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor offered his denial of the president’s involvement.

Notable witnesses who claim personal knowledge of/experience in a secret United States military program on Mars include Andrew D. Basiago (now a political candidate running for president in 2020) and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower). Their extensively detailed claims are the subject of both voluminous celebratory interviews and searing criticism appearing online as well as in terrestrial media.

Perhaps this newly-discovered leak concerning a secret military mission to Mars involving the United States Secretary of Defense provides an experiential link for audiences who can’t time travel and haven’t yet visited the red planet to directly evaluate the integrity of witness testimonies for themselves. Perhaps the citation of a “Mars mission” emerging from a retired general during yesterday’s confirmation will embolden further witnesses who can one day facilitate greater more experiential “show-me”-oriented disclosure in the interests of public education and transparent governance.

Suggestions of how the United States is preparing for real life star wars surrounded revelations of former extradition target Gary McKinnon, the Scottish sysadmin accused of perpetrating what was once described as “the biggest military computer hack of all time.” Said to be motivated in 2001 by the Disclosure Project, Gary McKinnon told the press how he secured unauthorized access to NASA, US military and Pentagon computers while searching for evidence of UFOs, antigravity technology, and the suppression of “free energy” over a two-year period.

The UK hacker still claims he found logs of troop transfers between non-seagoing warships (said to be a secret space fleet) and saw the screen image of a cigar-shaped UFO hosted on one of the computers during his incursions. A US attempt to extradite Gary McKinnon to face charges and potential lengthy overseas imprisonment was blocked by the British government in 2012 on grounds of human rights concerns.

The following is a partial transcript of United States Marine Corps General James N. Mattis’ remarks during yesterday’s senate defense secretary confirmation hearing held in Washington, D.C., preceded by the secret message encrypted backwards therein. Discussion of methods and philosophy guiding this practice can be found throughout this reporter’s previous related coverage discussed in links below.

Bring Mars mission: “Sir, I would consider the principal threats, to start with, Russia. And it would certainly include any nations that are looking to intimidate nations around their periphery, regional nations nearby them, whether it be with weapons of mass destruction or I would call it unusual, unorthodox means of intimidating them. That sort of thing. And at the same time, as the chairman’s pointed out, we face now an era where we’re going to be fighting the terrorist threat. I mean, that’s simply a reality. We’re going to have to address that one.”

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3 Replies to “‘Mars mission’: James Mattis talks Russia, military space exploration at defense secretary confirmation hearing”

  1. I believe when a Mars Mission is mentioned; that t is actually a cover and an explanation given for disbursing money.
    In reality. a new space weapon is deployed..

  2. Obama said in public that : they will be on Mars by 2030:. As no astronomer believes this, it must be a code, obviously…. Trump is not giving that “mission”up, he only advances it as planned, via the “Moon”, where only yesterday a building structure collapsed as a “prophetic sign” of times to come….
    They can’t go to Mars directly still now, because putanason still didn’t prepare the way completely; but then again, they have the rover which does its mission “well”…
    Still, all this means that Mars can still has hope to be saved from “human” polution.

    1. Thank you for sharing this interesting comment, ETmaker. Can you provide links to more information concerning what you describe as a “building structure collapse” on the Moon?

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