Becoming Devas: Melany Oliver in Emotional ‘Heart to Heart’ Conversation with Jon Kelly

By Jon Kelly

DUBAI, UAE – An exclusive new video published November 4, 2017, on social media captures Dubia-based Spiritual Guide Melany Oliver in a deeply emotional conversation with Jon Kelly from The two discussed Jon’s international clinical practice along with his perspectives on the role of yoga philosophy in issues-focused talking therapies. Originally scheduled as a brief 20-minute discussion this delightfully intense interview continued for almost an hour.

Melany Oliver claims to have worked privately with Jon Kelly in one of his sessions and revealed profound emotional facility during their one-hour talk. The interviewer reported feelings that continued to arise spontaneously throughout the recording.

In hindsight she commented on Facebook how “There is something about Jon’s energy that really touched my Soul, I was trying to hold my tears back throughout.” These feelings were addressed directly by both parties through an unscripted visualization and breathwork exercise that occurred near the end of the talk.

The new video was produced for Melany Oliver’s “Heart to Heart Interview Series” on social media, a series the natural empath says was created “To share wisdom and knowledge with people from those I have worked with and follow, therapists, healers, psychics, coaches that have inspired me, that I love, believe in and trust on what truly blocks our hearts and how we can release that so we can live out a more fulfilled life.”

A native of Brazil, Intuitive Healer Melany Oliver received a B.Sc. (Hons) Health Sciences in Complementary Therapies from the University of Westminster in London, England. She holds further certification in a wide variety of alternative healing methods including hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Quantum Touch.

Topics for discussion in this interview explored multiple facets of a spiritual liberation-focused psychology informing Jon’s clinical practice including: reflection and its applications in both science and indigenous medicine traditions, acoustic cosmology of a sonic universe, talking therapies vs big pharma, initiation and rites of passage, therapy as activism, the Star Child from “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968), the temporary nature of material desire, escaping the Buddhist wheel of reincarnation, infinite potential of average people, how to become a deva, law of attraction in the Radha metaphor, experiencing the world as a legendary paradise, unconscious communications of preverbal children, love, forgiveness  and being a breakthrough person.

The “Heart to Heart Interview Series” is available on Facebook ( and YouTube ( A back-up mirror copy of this most recent interview from the series is also published to Jon Kelly’s SecretMessageTV on YouTube (

Melany Oliver has announced a forthcoming second interview with Jon to discuss his work with extraterrestrials and interdimensional entities. Stay tuned.

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