Future is Granular: Cognitive Recalibration in the Digital Era with Jon Kelly on Late Night in the Midlands

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – In a new video streamed live Monday, May 18, 2018, former CBS Radio feature producer Jon Kelly presented evidence of future intelligence observed in speeches of famous U.S. newsmakers. In a remarkable tell-all interview the #1-rated U.S. television news expert explained in scientific, technological and mathematical detail what he knew, when he knew and how he knew facts pertaining to the Iraq War, BTK Killer, Russian “Illegals Program” spies and CIA PHOENIX assassination program. Michael Vara’s Late Night in the Midlands talk radio played host to this special three-hour broadcast now available on YouTube.

There can be little doubt that widespread differences of opinion arise within listener communities monitoring human speech that is digitally sampled, granularized, time-reversed and resequenced. 1999 Cal State research revealed how the human brain cognitively recalibrates when exposed to this form of high-distortion audio synthesis. The spectrum of experiences listeners describe (including detection of words) offers researchers a topic worthy of academic inquiry in and of itself.

While such differences of opinion may exist, they appear to have no bearing upon the factual record presented during the interview where the acclaimed analyst described how future intelligence was published up to three years in advance before the same facts were affirmed in the mainstream press and on the world stage.

Monday morning quarterback attempts at retelling proven historic timelines only arouse indifference from the expert. “Critics of my findings who resolve “Mission of Bangkok”, for example, would have placed the media 6,000 kilometers east of where the Iraq war began in 2003,” he related off-air. “Their cameras pointing in the wrong direction would have missed taping the Shock and Awe strikes that commenced what is said to be one of the longest wars in U.S. history.”

In perhaps one of the most interesting segments Jon showed the YouTube audience how manual potentiometer sweeps of frozen audio grains on a Pocket Operator speech synthesizer reveal future intelligence encrypted in the voice of a U.S. president. “Future is Granular: Manually Decrypting Future Intelligence,” a supplementary video published May 24, 2018, uses the PO-35 Speak to explore samples from U.S. President George W. Bush, BTK Killer Dennis Rader, Russia Spy Anna Chapman and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

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