Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Unconsciously Anticipated Death by Murder Secret Interview Messages Reveal

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on October 25, 2018, follows reporter Jon Kelly as he walks through a graveyard in Natchez, Mississippi, while investigating the reported murder by torture and dismemberment of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Granular analysis decrypts the Yemen War critic’s secret interview audio highlight released posthumously by Newsweek revealing multidimensional messages that anticipated the reputed Saudi intelligence operative’s death by murder at the hands of multiple male suspects.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and U.S. President Trump denouncer was said to have feared for his life after fleeing the country. Months after the Osama Bin Laden former associate’s departure the 2017 Saudi Arabian Purge reportedly employed American mercenary torturers against an estimated 500 individuals arrested in a campaign targeting repression of the war crime regime’s critics.

In a 2015 statement Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, highlighted that 90 percent of crimes against journalists are not prosecuted, naming the state’s primary responsibility to investigate along with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“The primary responsibility in this area lies with the states,” the head of France’s UN mission said, “Which must systematically investigate such crimes and prosecute the perpetrators. The International Criminal Court may also play a role. Under the Geneva Conventions,” the former Ambassador of France to Canada (2008-2011) continued, “Journalists are civilians; their murder may constitute a war crime under the Rome Statute.”

Research that exposed human speech as a “multidimensional stimulus” with “numerous ways you can extract a message from it” was reported in the scientific journal Nature in 1999. In that report human observers were described as competent in resolving words while listening to highly-distorted speech recording samples. The procedure followed by scientists at Cal State involved digitally sampling recordings of human speech where samples were then reduced to grains of @50ms in duration.

Those grains were then locally time-reversed and globally resequenced in an attempt to emulate conditions found in voice-over-digital-network transmission (now commonly referred to as VoIP telephony). This methodology parallels techniques commonly used in biosciences where the nucleotides (grains) of a DNA molecule (sample) are resequenced in attempts to express novel characteristics of existing organisms (or to synthesize entirely new organisms from existing genetic materials).

For every set of discrete items the number of possible permutations of its order or sequence can be determined by using what is known as the factorial function (n!) where for example 3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6. In terms of granular speech synthesis the number of 50ms grains can be substantial, leading to what mathematicians call large numbers. For example, calculating the number of possible permutations of a set of 21 50ms grains by factorial function can be said to result in approximately 51 sextillion different sequences (5.1090942e+19).

However, for every set of discrete items (no matter how many), it can also be said that one possible permutation will always reflect the mirror or reverse order of the original sequence. In such a way (1, 2, 3) is newly rendered as (3, 2, 1). This understanding offers a shortcut of which common knowledge within the scientific and engineering communities is indicated by the inclusion of reverse macro functions in widely-used digital audio workstation (DAW) software applications and hardware. Investigators following the sampling, granular time-reversing and resequencing procedure modeled by scientists studying human speech intelligibility at Cal State can bypass untold iterations and simply monitor audio playback in reverse or mirror order with one click of a cursor.

From this reporter’s perspective the most important reason for bypassing myriad alternative sequence iterations is founded upon empirical evidence of practical intelligence discovered encrypted backwards in human speech. In the public domain this intelligence has offered preemptive understanding of facts concerning the Iraq War, the identity of one serial killer, the identity of a Russian spy and the resurrection of a CIA assassination program all named in broadcast media and online publications sometimes years before they were substantiated by mainstream news reports. Some of these reports are detailed in links provided below.

However, within modern society there remain numerous deeply ingrained superstitious implications of such encrypted multidimensional speech phenomena. These perceptions can be said founded upon dogmatic unscientific belief in fictitious untestable unproven entities and their supposed influences upon human behavior. Proponents of such scandalous misconceptions would stir the public to reject any suggestion of a time wheel’s (Sanskrit “Kalachakra”) bi-directional rotation, for instance. It is this type of Luddite perspective that would discourage the use of an automobile transmission’s reverse gear, compelling motorists to circumnavigate the globe instead of simply backing into a parking spot.

Therefore, only those capable of rejecting medieval injunctions against widdershins procession can embrace the type of volatile materials revealed through such a path of auditory inquiry. To quote one prominent Seattle psychologist this extremely psychoactive procedure and its findings are “not for beginners”.

Let’s now take a look at results from this most recent investigative forensic assessment focused upon murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s secret Newsweek interview. The following remarks highlight these findings in bold followed by transcripts of the statements from which they were derived (Newsweek ‘JAMAL KHASHOGGI SECRET INTERVIEW’ published October 19, 2018).

His murder /2 The dead guy: Deep inside him, he is an old-fashioned tribal leader. Look at the Kuwaiti judiciary, which is like a Gulf state; the society is very much close to the Saudi society. But the Kuwaiti judiciary is way more advanced than the Saudi judiciary, way more transparent than the Saudi judiciary.

Why does MBS not see that part of reform? Because it will limit his authoritarian rule, and he doesn’t want that. He doesn’t see the need for that. So sometimes I feel that…he wants to enjoy the fruits of First World modernity and Silicon Valley and cinemas and everything, but at the same time he wants also to rule like how his grandfather ruled Saudi Arabia.

You’re dead. /2 My killer men: I don’t think he can. But if there is no one. First of all, there is no political movement in Saudi Arabia that could pressure him, number one. And the world is happy with him. Do you see anybody in America except for Bernie Sanders who is calling for putting pressure on MBS? I only saw Bernie Sanders, but no one else.  I am sure the Americans are not going to apply pressure on MBS [unless] a true crisis happens in Saudi Arabia.

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