Precognitive UFO dreams and ET psi near Vancouver City Hall

Jon Kelly Featured in Anemone magazine (Japan).

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, B.C. – An exclusive video posted to YouTube portrayed a squadron of luminous spheres captured using multiple cameras as they crossed the skies near City Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 24, 2011. In an email from earlier that day, Canadian videographer Les Murzsa cited precognitive dreams from the night before prompting him to assemble his cameras and remain on alert throughout that afternoon. Taping of the first incident commenced at 6:16pm PST. Within ten minutes, the videographer called the office of this reporter leaving voicemail explaining how he had just filmed “the biggest sighting” of his life. was on-site within hours, collecting evidence and producing additional night vision video demonstrating how a group of UFOs was active in the area up until nearly six hours after the original incident. The Vancouver Mount Pleasant UFO corridor would continue to provide a reliable location for multi-camera UFO taping and contactee Les Murzsa would be instrumental in facilitating contact incidents in Vancouver and the British Columbia Okanagan region for years to follow.

Claims from experiencers submitting date and time-stamped written testimony of UFO dreams before videotaping such incidents the following day invoke the role of precognition in human experience as a plausible mechanism for non-physical human contact with extraterrestrials. Wired reported in 2010 how Cornell University Professor of Psychology Daryl Bem

UFO communications evident in Vancouver skies

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, B.C. – An exclusive video posted to YouTube revealed evidence for communications bridging the gap between human consciousness and other cosmic intelligences. A series of displays from mysterious sky objects recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, demonstrated how these entities appeared to possess an uncanny knack for showing up in the right place at the right time whenever the cameras were rolling. Captured over a five-year period, the luminous interactive displays were recorded using two different optical systems, including a professional series digital broadcast camera featuring a redundant triple-sensor array.

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