UFOlogical death of the confidential informant: Erica Lukes full statement and interview

By Jon Kelly


UFO Classifieds' Erica Lukes

Vancouver, BC

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  1. the attack on alt. media is on purpose to discredit it. i know those behind the jesuits who control the other luciferian pediphile, child sacrificing groups our in league with the archons, dracco’s, mantids , reptilians and are evil. but it is hard to tell about these other races. so much contradictions and disinfo going on. the only reason for identify a person by passport or other means is obvious- it is to identify all those with info and how much, ect, ect in order to target them.. it is also obvious that during the election both the luciferian cabal and those of the light used an off world AI quantum computer. but the one used by the light was far better and diverted a human hell made nwo by the illuminati, freemasons, jesuits and more. trump is so far an unknown. even on tv shows like- what on earth-the unexplained files and the one by nasa all put on one positive person vs a hoard of troll debunkers using pure bs logic and extrmely attack the truth instead of trying to finf out the truth. this lets you know what the truth is. the human race is under attack on every level possible. an agenda of murder, chaos, lie’s, disinfo, pure bs debunking the truth, fear, death, depopulation and on and on. true spirituality is well guarded and hidden as is actual reality. i pray to the creator source of divine light this so-called event to save earth and humanity is true and will happen. otherwise get ready for hell on earth-literlly.

  2. The British IC lead the way in online interference with confidential testimony on the contact paradigm arena. I can point out two forums that have historically hosted some of the most physically assertive characters in the ‘debunkers’ community who have hunted people providing testimony down at places of employment to harass them in such a way as to annoy the employer, the witness’s home where auxillary family members have been cornered and bothered demanding a response from them on the witness, etc. The two I’m currently reminded of is “Reality Uncovered” and “Amkon”.

    It is easy for people to forget that there is trillions of dollars involved in the mining of Technology Exchange Programs. These programs carry some of the highest classifications, trumping the conventional arms industry in the military industrial complex. These programs are controlled at the transnational level, and international money and diplomatic ties are involved. The British military industrial complex is anti-disclosure. So is broad swaths of the american based counterparts. Not only is there association with human trafficking, and pedophilia in this arena in large quantities BECAUSE it is a cultural aspect of post world war 2 germanic esoterica, but also the use of transnational drug trafficking and the use of “suicide” to silence those deemed uncontrollable by other means.

    The fact remains that until the corruption that fuels the truth embargo is unraveled and laid to rest, there will be a continuing running knife fight between factions in the system fighting over resources, control, influence, and the silence of the general population upon which they feed, AND between those who espouse a more moral and values based movement. We are seeing the same attack on anonymity in the very same social media venue upon alternative media, witnesses, and content. The wide spread and growing assault by the mainstream deep state against “fake news” truth advocates is evidence in full swing of this. Public “servants” are being pressured to make legal changes that strip protections from journalists, witnesses, and media organizations. It is all imperatives stemming from deep in the halls of power to regain control over narratives that the general population is rejecting in favor of a higher state of awareness, truth, and accountablity for the soft syrupy tyranny that has of late turned violence upon the people in places such as Standing Rock and the Ukraine (Donbass).

    It is all related. The NWO movement is a global ideology asserting its supremacy and deconstructing all culture that opposes that supremacy.

    Mind Mix Radio

  3. Having listened to this show this interview is incendiary in places and contains serious allegations and implications regarding Ufology, MUFON and Certain UFO Net Radio personalities.

    In a nutshell >

    >Sexual abuse/stalking allegations of a certain California based net radio host
    >Sexism in Ufology
    >Failure of Jan Harzen MUFON Director to act upon allegations
    >Race Hobbs of KGRA is a felon and lied about it when joining MUFON
    >Others high up in Ufology and MUFON are also predatory and there is a culture of sexual predators at conferences, within MUFON and within UFO net radio.

    What the hell is going on?

  4. Erica, I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with genderism; like ageism and xenophobia, this is done by less enlightened persons with issues. we must remain compassionate, and forgiving.

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