7 Replies to “Erica Lukes: An Emerging Scientific Universalism for UFOlogy”

  1. One cannot k n o w about UFOs….only experiencing with the heart is true Gnostics….in the 5th dimension..org

  2. Divide and Conquer ! She’s full of it !!!!!! If the government, media, and education would seriously lie and deceive people about UFO’s and Aliens for about 100 years………..why would they also not lie to you about History….or “history” ……including and especially WW2 and the Nazis, Hitler, Jews, Zionists, and Zionist control of banking, media, entertainment, education, government, and maybe even racial differences. Oh no, can’t name the Jew or the Zionists or you are a UFO “racist”—a Communist word invented by the Jews themselves. WHo were the slave ship owners ??? Oh, no can’t look at that.

  3. Love Alfred Lambremont Webre, etc., but I am living on disability and cannot buy this info, and when I try to watch the “free” part, or even read it, it will NOT open. I have tried on several topics, so I guess this is programmed in (or censorship). Either way, it’s a bummer! Have heard Ms. Lukes speak awhile ago on MUFON problems, but this is much more in-depth. I’m sad I cannot hear or even read Part 1 (just 1 min. 42 seconds available.) cheers

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