Phoenix@Home: Domestic Counterinsurgency Program U.S. President

Vancouver, BC

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  1. I’m sure you won’t admit it, but your writing, to my point of view, makes you just another troll for the deep state and international banksters. You do not have my support whatsoever. Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria. Do you oppose? How about his talk of pulling our troops out of Afghanistan? Do you oppose that as well.? I don’t support Blackwater taking out some of the banksters like Jamie Diamond, or deep state traitors such as John Brennan, but far worse actions could happen.

    1. Derailing threads with off-topic comments and harassing reporters are widely considered to be forms of abusive trolling. I read the headline at the top of this article but you seem unable to comprehend what this story is about. Bless your little heart for such shortcomings. Only the strong are able to stand in the Truth 🙂

    1. The “Real” Reason Trump Is “Pulling Out” US Armed Forces From Syria | Deal With Putin & Netanyahu

      Netanyahu Orders Trump To Pull Out Of Syria | Why?

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