EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Veteran Witnesses


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  1. Very interesting, however I would have liked to have heard from someone with some Professional Knowledge instead of gases as far as distance and angles or degrees. Maybe someone from the military Air Base who could talk about options or possibilities

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  3. My daughters house was right on lake Michigan about 1/2 mile from the Two Creeks Nuclear plant, a nice little walk on her beach. There was 1 tree on her property, a huge old oak on the edge of her backyard just before the sandy beach. Every night I would watch 2 bright lights come from the lake and hover out in the lake just off to the right. I would watch for hours while reading or watching TV. They would not move just hover there, the same exact place every night around 9 pm. They traveled at a fast speed and then just stopped. This was 1990 and moved about about 1999. Don’t know if it came back after that.

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