Ammon Bundy Agent Provocateur: Secret messages disclose concealed government payments, CIA Phoenix Program ties in Oregon federal building occupation

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on January 4, 2016, purports to reveal how self-styled militia spokesperson Ammon Bundy unconsciously disclosed his standing as a government-paid agent provocateur during multiple video statements posted to social media in the wake of a federal building occupation by armed protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon this past weekend. A previous 2014 armed standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada pitted the Bundy family against the Bureau of Land Management in what one online reader then described in comments as “an operation to gather intel on the liberty movement and create stress within it.”

The presence of previously undiscovered forensic information concerning Ammon Bundy’s concealed status was detected while monitoring mirror-filtered renderings of the armed protester’s statements. Video soundtracks were loaded in the edit bay of a digital audio workstation then subjected to mirror-filtering and time-expansion in preparation for a detailed auditory study. The conduct of this procedure was informed by best practices refined through repeatedly providing military, forensic and medical-grade intelligence that had been successfully vetted through practical real-world feedback over nearly 20 years of research and reporting. has previously reported how the same procedure publicly revealed details of the Iraq War, identified the BTK Killer, named Russian spy Anna Chapman’s accomplice and uncovered the UFOs and ETs in Edward Snowden’s NSA cache weeks, months and years before such information became widely-accepted public knowledge. Below is a partial transcript of Ammon Bundy’s statements from January 2 and 3, 2016, preceded by the secret messages encrypted backwards therein.

Call it. Captured all of you. You know I’m a threat. Here now we’re meeting. This terror time. This terror meeting. Criminal plan – the Phoenix: “We have basically taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This will become a base place for patriots from all over the country to come and to be housed here and live here. We’re planning on staying here for several years. While we’re here what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be bringing these lands up and getting the ranchers back to ranching, getting the miners back to mining, getting the loggers back to logging. Where they can do it under the protection of the people and not be afraid of this tyranny that’s been upon them.”

Government’s paying me. Conceal my bad money. A deal with the trooper: “No we haven’t heard from any of them [federal authorities]. We hope they’re home with their families, if they have families. We intend them no harm. We know that many of those employees at one time were working for ranchers or as ranchers and loggers. They were forced to leave those industries that many of them had for many generations. They were forced to leave them and go find a government job. Now Harney County, the U.S. government is the highest employer in the county.”

Lensed through the perspective of a state-sponsored sting operation the notion of capture articulated during the January 2 statement would apply to those respondents who gather around the present occupation in preparation for an anticipated siege/standoff in the tradition of Randy Weaver and the Clinton-era Waco Holocaust.

This protestor’s unconscious remarks stress the word “terror” as if his words and actions were in aid of furthering perceptions of domestic terrorism and the necessity of a police state. From this perspective events in Oregon appear less like a peaceful protest meeting. What these armed occupiers are doing is clearly described within a context of “terror.”

NewsInsideOut’s previous coverage of the Ukraine Maidan Conspiracy noted an online CIA retrospective describing the Phoenix program as “Arguably the most misunderstood and controversial program undertaken by the governments of the United States and South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It was, quite simply, a set of programs that sought to attack and destroy the political infrastructure of the Lao Dong Party (hereafter referred to as the Viet Cong infrastructure or VCI) in South Vietnam.””

The CIA Phoenix program sought destruction of the political infrastructure of targeted nations. State-sponsored agent provocateur Ammon Bundy’s unconscious articulation at the scene of an armed takeover suggests it is more than likely that “Phoenix” is an active program currently targeting national anarchy based upon events in Oregon.

Admission of receiving government payments while enacting a plot to incite violent insurrection offers an unambiguous red flag concerning Ammon Bundy’s motives. The image of concealment suggests what might be uncovered during a financial audit of the protestor’s sources of income. The trooper serves as an image of authority. Readers can substitute the word “police” to further this effect.

The Department of Justice reported last October how Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46, both residents of Diamond, Oregon in Harney County, were “sentenced to five years in prison by Chief U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken for arsons they committed on federal lands,” in a case involving allegations of illegal slaughter of deer on BLM land and setting what became known as the 2001 Hardie-Hammond Fire as an arson cover-up. In 2011 the U.S. Attorney Office was said to have charged the pair as “Terrorists” and they were convicted under the Federal Anti-Terrorism Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.

This series of events and those leading up to them (detailed at length here) have reportedly inflamed a sense of double jeopardy injustice among both local community members and national observers however an attorney for the Hammond family (for whom the protests were said to be in aid of) formally distanced his clients from the armed intrusion, stating “Neither Ammon Bundy nor anyone in his group/organization speaks for the Hammond Family, Dwight Hammond or Steven Hammond. In addition, I wish to report to you that, as recently ordered by the District Court, District of Oregon, Dwight Hammond and Steven Hammond intend to voluntarily report to the designated federal facility on January 4, 2016, as required.”

The Bundy’s and their associates appear to be leveraging the Hammond family’s tragedy as a platform to incite peaceful members of the Freedom community to congregate with arms in preparation for acts of violence against authorities, risking further charges of terrorism, death and the futures of their dependent families. This reporter suggests all such incitements can be viewed with extreme caution and skepticism based upon evidentiary findings of Ammon Bundy’s collusion in enacting an armed occupation as agent provocateur to set up a sting operation that entraps naïve Constitutional-minded activists.

This armed takeover and absence of a visible police response have aroused national debate concerning proportional response to black protestors in Ferguson. There has been no police action in Burns as of this writing only the FBI has stated that they are leading an investigation. Further questions surround legacy Native American participation in Oregon land use, the marginalization of pioneer-descendant landowners by a BLM accused of overreach throughout the nation and the consequences of living in a social economic and political system deeply invested in prosecuting a so-called “War on Terror” in the name of progress.

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