Spiritual Psychology of UFO Contact: Meditation, Devas, Angels and Night Vision

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on November 10, 2015, features NewsInsideOut.com’s Jon Kelly in conversation with host Canadian author Brian Ruhe. The producer for the NewsIO Plus channel’s 2015 mini-documentary series offered practical insight from years of field research on topics including UFO Contact, meditation, psychic phenomena, yoga psychology and night vision technology for skywatching in remote locations.

In this interview highlight the former CBS Radio feature producer who released intelligence connecting Edward Snowden with ETs and identifying Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “alien crystal” describes UFO Contact as “something that happens on the Consciousness Superhighway. We have these really interesting encounters that come to us because we are on a high-energy path in our lives. We have dynamic experiences. But I don’t see this as the destination.”

“I diverge from the UFOlogists in the sense that getting the scrap of metal from Roswell or getting on the ship, getting up at the control console to push the faders up and down; none of that has any significance to me. I’m in this UFOlogy arena because I see the Higher Consciousness stimulant effect,” he said.

The Brian Ruhe Show streams live with previous episodes available in archives hosted by YouTube.

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