Decrypt the Matrix like an Expert with ‘Cyberpunk 101: The Series’

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on April 4, 2019, offers a look at detecting future intelligence using a portable speech synthesizer. “Cyberpunk 101: The Series” is a collection of short films that decrypt comments from newsmakers of the past two decades to reveal future intelligence about the Iraq War, identity of the BTK Killer, the name of a Russian spy and a resurgent CIA operation. According to the series description “Cyberpunk 101”’s speech synthesis video magic will have viewers decrypting the matrix like an expert in less than five minutes.

The series contains four short live-action chapters where the first explores the inaugural address of U.S. President George W. Bush. Findings of the original granular analysis released January 25, 2001, exposed a “Mission of Baghdad” that anticipated the Iraq War that commenced March 19, 2003. The second in the series looks at a pre-trial jailhouse interview of BTK Killer Dennis Rader where granular analysis exposed demonic possession issues to which the then-confessed killer openly admitted less than one week after those findings were first aired.

The third chapter of “Cyberpunk 101” examines the statements of Russian spy Anna Chapman while she was operating undercover in New York. Granular analysis revealed the name of a youth accomplice in the “Illegals Program” spy ring who was named by the Wall Street Journal nine months later. Final chapter in the series follows then-U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Kiev in wake of Euromaidan’s 2014 Ukraine Revolution. Under granular analysis the secretary’s press conference remarks are shown to indicate a resurgent CIA Phoenix Program that was discussed in The Intercept three years after it was reported in a popular column for

Repurposing off-the-shelf technologies for novel applications is a trope of science fiction’s cyberpunk ethos, invoking a recognizable symbol of the cultural movement that led to “The Matrix” movie franchise at the turn of this millennium. In this story’s example, Swedish manufacturer Teenage Engineering (makers of the PO-35) never marketed the device as a time machine useful for identifying Russian spies before their names are released by the mainstream press. But “Cyberpunk 101” shows viewers just how nerdtastic this application can be.

The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-35 Speak is a portable sampling speech synthesizer with nine discrete sound synthesis engines (including a drum machine) and a sequencer plus 15 different effects. The PO-35 can sample human speech then regenerate the characteristics of those sounds with controllable parameters including pitch, tempo, formant and time direction.

The PO-35 is reportedly based upon linear predictive coding (LPC), the same technique found in the Speak &Spell educational toy of the 1980s. LPC is said to represent the spectral envelope of a digital speech signal in compressed form based upon a linear predictive model where predictive modelling applies statistics to anticipate outcomes. According to one source, in 1974 LPC enabled packet speech communications over ARPANET, the data network that first implemented packet-switching and TCP/IP protocols that characterize the foundations of the modern internet. The same research is cited in foundations of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) commonly used in present-day telephony.

The Pocket Operator’s palm-sized design suggests homage to German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk who’s 1981 “Pocket Calculator” had a “special key” that “plays a little melody”. Stating “I’m the operator with my pocket calculator,” futuristic tunesmiths of the 1980s showed the world they had everything under control. (Warning: Animalistic nerd out shown in this video may be too intense for some viewers).

Hamburg-based Russian techno DJ Xenia Beliayeva’s new Instagram video for “Violet” features background images by reporter Jon Kelly. The videographer explains “In what I understood to be a highly symbolic gesture of good will an established figure in Europe’s electronic music scene reached out at a time when news organizations in North America faced an existential crisis over status of Special Counsel’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. Collaborating publicly with Xenia in this way affirms no Russophobia guided my decisions when I covered those events nor does it today.”

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Phoenix@Home: Domestic Counterinsurgency Program U.S. President’s Endgame Solution to Government Shutdown, QAnon CIA Phoenix Program Cheerleader

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on January 14, 2019, reveals the U.S. President considering a CIA Phoenix Program-emulating domestic counterinsurgency initiative focused upon raids, occupations and arrest of political “enemies”. co-editor Jon Kelly broke the story while covering last Tuesday’s Oval Office Address as co-host for Sunday’s episode 142 of End of Days: The Michael Decon Program. The former CBS Radio feature producer, first to report a resurgent Phoenix Program in wake of Ukraine’s 2014 Euromaidan Revolution presented granular audio analysis revealing POTUS’ sleep talking fever dream-like counterinsurgency solution to the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, part of an ongoing scenario the head of Russia’s Roscosmos has described as the “second American civil war” now underway.

Below is a partial transcript of opening remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump during his January 8, 2019, Oval Office Address (Source: C-SPAN “President Trump Address on Border Security”). Those comments were subjected to granular audio analysis for this exclusive U.S. presidential investigative report with results presented below. Secret sleep talking-like messages encrypted backwards in POTUS’ statements are indicated in bold. Granular audio methods and their implications are discussed later in this article.

The raids. Occupy. Arrest enemy: My fellow Americans, tonight I am speaking to you because there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. Every day, customs and border patrol agents encounter thousands of illegal immigrants trying to enter our country. We are out of space to hold them and we have no way to promptly return them back home to their country. America proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation.

Both Erik Prince (Blackwater/Academi) and Oliver North (Iran-Contra) were named as participants in meetings with the U.S. President by a report published in The Intercept in January 2017. Further coverage by Democracy Now later that year stated “Prince and North have pitched the private network of spies as a way for the White House to counter members of the intelligence community, or the so-called deep state, who Trump claims are subverting his presidency.”

A transcript of a 2016 interview from former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s SiriusXM radio show was said to reveal the following conversation.

Erik Prince: “Two: a Phoenix-like program. OK, remember the Phoenix Program was a root canal done to the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. It was a kill—”

Stephen Bannon: “You mean, this is the Phoenix Program—this is the Phoenix—hang on. This is the Phoenix Program in Vietnam.”

Erik Prince: “It was a vicious, but very effective, kill-capture program in Vietnam that destroyed the Viet Cong as a military force. That’s what needs to be done to the funders of Islamic terror, and that would even the wealthy radical Islamist billionaires funding it from the Middle East, and any of the other illicit activities therein.”

This reporter first broke news of a resurgent Phoenix Program while covering Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution in a 2014 report that detailed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s secret message, stating how “The secretary invokes a reinvigorated CIA Phoenix Program (1965 – 1972).” During remarks given in Kiev following the overthrow of that nation’s democratically elected leadership Secretary Kerry was observed to have spoken the words “Scary. The phoenix sat up.” 

Cult followers of the QAnon disinformation feed may find cause for celebration in this revelation as it seemingly parallels persistent claims of its presumed intelligence agency asset authors. Fake coverage of QAnon’s Pizzagate predecessor led at least one online publication to fraudulently headline a New York Police Department raid on a Hillary Clinton property, an event that apparently never occurred. BuzzFeed reported in late 2016 that “ ran a story with the headline “IT’S OVER: NYPD Just Raided Hillary’s Property! What They Found Will RUIN HER LIFE.””

The leader of a veterans group in Tucson, Arizona, reportedly faced multiple charges of trespassing when he was arrested last July for occupying a Cemex plant he alleged was the site of a sex trafficking ring. In an article published last August the Arizona Republic described that man as a follower of QAnon who translated the online disinformation feed’s distorted worldview into real world events. Tucson police were said to have investigated the publicly-owned Mexican multinational’s building supply site “but found no evidence of child sex trafficking at the camp or anywhere else in the area” according to 12 News KPNX.

Independent media site The Outline highlighted in late 2018 how a “Q-pocalypse” in the form of mass arrests, imprisonment and possible execution of “every prominent Democrat” was slated for December 5 but failed to materialize. The New Year’s Eve report went on to itemize other futile QAnon predictions while exploring its seeming appeal to religious evangelicals.

Abortive QAnon predictions have been noted by Foreign Policy who last November cited “The problem with Q’s [failed] predictions was not only the specificity of the events themselves but that they were dated.” The Daily Dot last August offered its survey of “every QAnon prediction that’s failed to come true.” And the venerable Boing Boing chimed in further with “Advice for people who just realized that Qanon is bullshit” predicated upon the now widely-recognized December 5 mass arrests boo-boo.  

Of deep concern to this reporter is the way in which QAnon attempts to popularize sadistic cheerleading for domestic fratricide, for blue-on-blue incidents en masse. QAnon dogma appears to envision life under a counterinsurgency not unlike conditions endured by people living under the CIA Phoenix Program during its active phase in the Vietnam War (1965-72).

With the benefit of hindsight Francis Ford Coppola’s epic “Apocalypse Now” (1979) can be understood as cinematic culture’s subtextual contemporary commentary on the CIA Phoenix Program in the wake of disclosures that arose from the 1975 Church Committee hearings. Those U.S. Senate hearings resulted in public disclosure of CIA and NSA activities including mass domestic surveillance, mind control and torture frankenscience, assassinations of foreign leaders and domestic/international news media infiltration/domination.


Research that exposed human speech as a “multidimensional stimulus” with “numerous ways you can extract a message from it” was reported in the scientific journal Nature in 1999. In that report human observers were described as competent in resolving words while listening to highly-distorted speech recording samples. The procedure followed by scientists at Cal State involved digitally sampling recordings of human speech where samples were then reduced to grains of @50ms in duration.

Those grains were then locally time-reversed and globally resequenced in an attempt to emulate conditions found in voice-over-digital-network transmission (now commonly referred to as VoIP telephony). This methodology parallels techniques commonly used in biosciences where the nucleotides (grains) of a DNA molecule (sample) are resequenced in attempts to express novel characteristics of existing organisms (or to synthesize entirely new organisms from existing genetic materials).

For every set of discrete items the number of possible permutations of its order or sequence can be determined by using what is known as the factorial function (n!) where for example 3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6. In terms of granular speech synthesis the number of 50ms grains can be substantial, leading to what mathematicians call large numbers. For example, calculating the number of possible permutations of a set of 21 50ms grains by factorial function can be said to result in approximately 51 sextillion different sequences (5.1090942e+19).

However, for every set of discrete items (no matter how many), it can also be said that one possible permutation will always reflect the mirror or reverse order of the original sequence. In such a way (1, 2, 3) is newly rendered as (3, 2, 1). This understanding offers a shortcut of which common knowledge within the scientific and engineering communities is indicated by the inclusion of reverse macro functions in widely-used digital audio workstation (DAW) software applications and hardware. Investigators following the sampling, granular time-reversing and resequencing procedure modeled by scientists studying human speech intelligibility at Cal State can bypass untold iterations and simply monitor audio playback in reverse or mirror order with one click of a cursor.

From this reporter’s perspective the most important reason for bypassing myriad alternative sequence iterations is founded upon empirical evidence of practical intelligence discovered encrypted backwards in human speech. In the public domain this intelligence has offered preemptive understanding of facts concerning the Iraq War, the identity of one serial killer, the identity of a Russian spy and the resurrection of a CIA assassination program all named in broadcast media and online publications sometimes years before they were substantiated by mainstream news reports. Some of these reports are detailed in links provided below.

However, within modern society there remain numerous deeply ingrained superstitious implications of such encrypted multidimensional speech phenomena. These perceptions can be said founded upon dogmatic unscientific belief in fictitious untestable unproven entities and their supposed influences upon human behavior. Proponents of such scandalous misconceptions would stir the public to reject any suggestion of a time wheel’s (Sanskrit “Kalachakra”) bi-directional rotation, for instance. It is this type of Luddite perspective that would discourage the use of an automobile transmission’s reverse gear, compelling motorists to circumnavigate the globe instead of simply backing into a parking spot.

Therefore, only those capable of rejecting medieval injunctions against widdershins procession can embrace the type of volatile materials revealed through such a path of auditory inquiry. To quote one prominent Seattle psychologist this extremely psychoactive procedure and its findings are “not for beginners”.

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Message to Kim: Character Trumps Nukes and Spies in Global Leadership Race with Jon Kelly on End of Days: The Michael Decon Program

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – In a new interview published to YouTube July 1, 2018,’s Jon Kelly cited historic security breaches that publicly exposed global intelligence activities of three nuclear powers (U.S., Russia and Israel) while suggesting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s ongoing negotiations with the United States will only succeed where the spirit of dictum meum pactum (Latin: “My word is my bond”) prevails. In an episode titled “Future is Granular” End of Days host Michael Decon led a fascinating conversation exploring neurological origins of consciousness, the role of skepticism in evaluating new instrumental data, evolving frontiers of political free speech in the workplace and how massive investment in nuclear weapons and intelligence security infrastructure are not enough to ensure North Korea’s success on the world stage.

Regarding U.S., Russian and Israeli state models the former CBS Radio feature producer claimed “The perimeter that secures the intelligence of their operations is breached acoustically. It’s not enough to be a nuclear power. It’s not enough to have a huge spy infrastructure. Natural human behavior is exposing more information than any of these governments would want. They have no ability to defend against that or to codify behaviors that prevent that from occurring. If they had been trained effectively to prevent that kind of behavior it wouldn’t be possible to expose these operations as late as 2016 (decades after the applied granular speech synthesis investigative technique described in detail during the interview became a matter of widespread public knowledge via U.S. talk radio).”

“Future is Granular: Manually Decrypting Future Intelligence,” a supplementary video published May 24, 2018, uses the PO-35 Speak to explore samples from U.S. President George W. Bush, BTK Killer Dennis Rader, Russia Spy Anna Chapman and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

In spite of a long-established precedent involving terrestrial radio, television and online editions of major international newspapers, by June 2018, publishing sensitive information of global significance to social media exposed reporters to potential censorship in the form of multiple takedown attempts against the site’s Facebook page. Without notice was informed starting June 12, 2018, of alleged non-compliance with the social media giant’s terms of service and unpublishing of the Facebook-hosted page.

“ on Facebook was unpublished. Your Page has been unpublished. It looks like recent activity on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Pages Terms. If you think your Page was unpublished in error, you can appeal and we’ll take another look.”

After three appeals over a number of weeks the page was restored with vague notices of restrictions and limitations attached. Below is the text of the third and final successful appeal published to Facebook on June 25, 2018.

“Allegations of non-compliance are unsubstantiated and have been overruled by FB staff twice this month. User feedback for previous month shows very low number of users choosing to Hide Post and that Likes far exceed other types of Reactions. Based upon these data we find no grounds for Facebook to impose restrictions upon this news and journalism page whose activities are protected by international law. Google Analytics reveals serves news and information to more than two dozen departments and agencies of the U.S. federal government. Wouldn’t it be awful if those readers were unable to find our page on Facebook, or if upon finding it, that page was somehow handicapped by unconstitutional, unfair and unjustified restrictions? Please advise how best to proceed :)”

In an online bio Michael Decon describes himself as a Long-time radio enthusiast and a natural skeptic. End of Days is based on seeking knowledge in esoteric wisdom, humor & social political commentary. His YouTube channel emphasizes how “This is a different kind of a show, a place where we don’t feel so alone.”

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Future is Granular: Cognitive Recalibration in the Digital Era with Jon Kelly on Late Night in the Midlands

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – In a new video streamed live Monday, May 18, 2018, former CBS Radio feature producer Jon Kelly presented evidence of future intelligence observed in speeches of famous U.S. newsmakers. In a remarkable tell-all interview the #1-rated U.S. television news expert explained in scientific, technological and mathematical detail what he knew, when he knew and how he knew facts pertaining to the Iraq War, BTK Killer, Russian “Illegals Program” spies and CIA PHOENIX assassination program. Michael Vara’s Late Night in the Midlands talk radio played host to this special three-hour broadcast now available on YouTube.

There can be little doubt that widespread differences of opinion arise within listener communities monitoring human speech that is digitally sampled, granularized, time-reversed and resequenced. 1999 Cal State research revealed how the human brain cognitively recalibrates when exposed to this form of high-distortion audio synthesis. The spectrum of experiences listeners describe (including detection of words) offers researchers a topic worthy of academic inquiry in and of itself.

While such differences of opinion may exist, they appear to have no bearing upon the factual record presented during the interview where the acclaimed analyst described how future intelligence was published up to three years in advance before the same facts were affirmed in the mainstream press and on the world stage.

Monday morning quarterback attempts at retelling proven historic timelines only arouse indifference from the expert. “Critics of my findings who resolve “Mission of Bangkok”, for example, would have placed the media 6,000 kilometers east of where the Iraq war began in 2003,” he related off-air. “Their cameras pointing in the wrong direction would have missed taping the Shock and Awe strikes that commenced what is said to be one of the longest wars in U.S. history.”

In perhaps one of the most interesting segments Jon showed the YouTube audience how manual potentiometer sweeps of frozen audio grains on a Pocket Operator speech synthesizer reveal future intelligence encrypted in the voice of a U.S. president. “Future is Granular: Manually Decrypting Future Intelligence,” a supplementary video published May 24, 2018, uses the PO-35 Speak to explore samples from U.S. President George W. Bush, BTK Killer Dennis Rader, Russia Spy Anna Chapman and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

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