DisclosureGate: Former Congress members bribed over Cheney’s secret Mars program

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, B.C. – In an exclusive interview broadcast live over YouTube on February 8, 2015, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure co-author Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, responded to comments from CHD funder Tom Clearwater regarding the DisclosureGate report released by NewsInsideOut.com. The report offered whistleblower testimony and evidence of an insider witness to fraudulent actions and a cover-up surrounding the failed Disclosure Petition VII hosted on the White House website. In an official response Tom Clearwater indicated his lack of surprise concerning anomalies surfaced through the report while errantly citing “patterns in Mr. Webre’s life” as key to understanding its origins.

During the interview, former Citizen Hearing on Disclosure board member Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, clearly illuminated the deep origins of DisclosureGate as emerging from within the U.S. military-industrial-governmental complex and its New World Order overseers, citing both Stephen Bassett and Tom Clearwater as “handymen” in the cover-up of a secret Mars Colony Corporation-based NWO depopulation agenda. Their works reportedly included bribing former members of Congress who heard testimony at the Hearing to silence discourse concerning U.S. activities on Mars and the role there of former U.S. Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

Tom Clearwater’s official response is appended to the original DisclosureGate report. The following is a transcript of Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd’s response to Tom Clearwater and the DisclosureGate report recorded live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It has been edited for clarity.

“As I understand it, Tom Clearwater, who’s a Vancouver lawyer and philanthropist, who we have actually interviewed (because he’s a very forward-looking mind and innovator), has now issued a statement in which he goes into denial around the irregularities that have come up around the Citizen Hearings Petition, which were the result of a whistleblower coming forth from the Citizen Hearing and approaching NewsInsideOut as a news outlet.

“Mr. Clearwater unfortunately made this an ad hominem about Alfred Webre, who had nothing to do with this, basically. I thought that I would come on the air and make several things very, very clear, because here you have substantial monies; one million dollars. I know for a fact that Mr. Clearwater’s family is outraged at him for having spent his inheritance and their family money on Mr. Bassett’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. I would be outraged also because I’m outraged at Mr. Bassett and I so notified Mr. Clearwater.

“Let me give some background. One of my jobs in the 1970s and early eighties was that I was a consultant to the Ford Foundation and its public interest environmental law program. I had to evaluate their programs when they funded the Environmental Defense Fund and the NRDC [Natural Resources Defense Council]. I’m well familiar with the protocols that go into looking at funding proposals. It is highly irregular to look at a funding proposal and to cut out the principals that had developed that funding proposal over time.

“I was a co-founder of the Citizen Hearing along with Mr. Bassett going back to 2005, 2006, 2007 and my name was up on the Internet as a member of the board on the public website. There was a very important reason for that. It wasn’t just Alfred Webre as a person. It was because I represented a whole line of research which had to do with the extraterrestrials on our nearest planet, that has to do with Mars. Now I know of at least eight whistleblowers from top secret U.S. programs on Mars that have come forward.

“This includes Lieutenant Commander Andrew D. Basiago, U.S. Marine Corps Captain Randy Cramer, Special Section and others who have shown that the U.S. has a presence on Mars, probably since the 1960s. We’re already 60 years into the presence there. Randy Cramer has been part of the Mars Defense Force. He spent 17 years in the Polar Regions with the U.S. Marines on peacekeeping and combat missions with the Martian reptilian and the Martian insectoid (mantid) civilizations and knows all about the Mars Colony Corporation.

“In fact, the Mars Colony Corporation contracted with the U.S. Marine Corps and the Mars Defense Force to provide these peacekeeping arrangements for the Mars Colony Corporation. The person who was in charge of the Mars Colony Corporation all these years was one Richard B. Cheney. That’s of extreme importance to the U.S. Congress, to the U.S. Executive, to the public at large and to the news media. Yet when the one million dollars was supposed to be given by attorney, let me emphasize that, attorney Tom Clearwater (and he emphasizes to me that he was at the top of his class). He should know this. It’s called due diligence. An attorney is under a double diligence to give and to ensure that all of the parties in a proposal are represented and that there is no fraud and negligence, which occurred here.

“I’d go beyond negligence. I’d go to fraud because it’s the U.S. Congress that has been defrauded, it’s the public that has been defrauded because the three trillion dollar U.S. program on Mars with Martian extraterrestrials, including the reptilian civilization, the mantid civilization and the Martian human civilization have been kept out of the public record by the nefarious, unlawful (under fiscal law), under breach of trust actions of Stephen Bassett and Tom Clearwater, Attorney at Law.

“Yes, I wish to speak up. I’m providing a total of six articles that go into the evidence behind this. I provided it at the time.

“What Mr. Bassett did was unconscionable. Out of the million dollars Mr. Bassett gave twenty thousand dollar bribes to each of the former congressmen who were there to keep quiet about life on Mars. I contacted each of the former senators and representatives directly on that.

“One of them, the former senator from Alaska had been a former correspondent along with me with PressTV. We had been on panels together and I told him, “You are being defrauded. You’re accepting twenty thousand dollars and you’re withholding the truth about the three trillion dollar U.S. program on Mars, about the extraterrestrials: the mantids, reptilians, the humans, the dramatic exopolitical drama that’s being placed on Mars.” The human Mars Colony Corporation headed up by Dick Cheney that has set up a secret gene pool to allegedly populate the Earth after the New World Order supposedly eliminates or depopulates the current what they call “surface dwellers.” Henry Kissinger has the word “useless eaters” for the surface dwellers.

“That is what Steve Bassett and Tom Clearwater did. They were doing the handiwork of a New World Order cover-up. Fortunately, as they say, they broke themselves against the law again.

“Now whether or not the public will listen to this broadcast and will listen to these facts now that they have broken the law with regard to petitions that are on the White House website, we will see. Mr. Bassett has shown himself to be completely lawless in the past. We will see whether he continues to be completely lawless and continues to cover up the U.S. mission on Mars and all of the extraterrestrial civilizations on Mars for his own convenience.

“Who knows what sort of payoffs Stephen Bassett has gotten for this. And who knows what payoff Tom Clearwater, who is saying, to try and involve me in the cover-up that he used a million dollars of his family’s money, who are now vehemently objecting to his use of that money, for a cover-up.”

Prior Journalistic Investigations of Stephen Bassett by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd:


Is Upcoming “Citizen’s Hearing” an ET Coverup and more? See: http://ufodigest.com/article/upcoming-citizens-hearing-et-coverup-and-more

FROM Andrew D. Basiago “I join all living US chrononauts in urging a boycott of the Citizens’ Hearing. See: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2013/04/from-andrew-d-basiago-i-join-all-living-us-chrononauts-in-urging-a-boycott-of-the-citizens-hearing-.html

Citizen Hearing intentionally misleads former Sen. Mike Gravel on nature of U.S. relations with extraterrestrials See: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2013/04/citizen-hearing-intentionally-misleads-former-sen-mike-gravel-on-nature-of-us-relations-with-extrate.html


Steve Bassett raises $1 million on proposal for Citizen Hearing co-authored by Alfred Webre, arbitrarily refuses Webre opportunity to testify on 1977 Carter White House ET Study See: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2012/11/steve-bassett-arises-1-million-on-proposal-for-citizen-hearing-co-authored-by-alfred-webre-arbitrari.html


Bassett, Huneeus and Greer’s Brain-Mind Entrainment by Manipulatory Extraterrestrials See: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_humanitymanipulationalien53.htm

UFO/ET Citizen Hearing Director/Witness Stephen Bassett’s Anomalous Eye Movements See: http://one-vibration.com/video/ufo-et-citizen-hearing-director-witness-stephen-bassett-s?xg_source=activity#.VNffSsYfksc

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DisclosureGate: Activist cites ethical breaches, cover-up, withdraws Petition/CHD support

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, B.C. – An exclusive interview posted to YouTube on February 6, 2015, offers rare behind-the-scenes insights into the hidden nature of a domestic cottage UFO Disclosure industry from the perspective of a Danish activist who put the Disclosure Petition VII on the Rolling Stone website. Former founder and Project Coordinator of the now-defunct #Artists for #Disclosure Thomas Kortholm spoke at length of a DisclosureGate with perceived ethical breaches from within the community supporting Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett and how notice of errant Petition links blamed on a “possible hack” was struck from the “official” PRG Updates archive.

During the interview Thomas Kortholm emphasized repeatedly how at least one as-yet-unnamed highly-placed individual operating from within the Disclosure community boasted of committing multiple signatures effectively undermining the Petition’s integrity. That same party allegedly encouraged others to participate in generating fraudulent multiple Petition submissions as a means of achieving the required 100,000 signature quota without actually enrolling an equivalent number of public supporters. The Petition was in fact reportedly subject to nearly 1,000 fraudulent signatures during the course of its run. Many of those entries were provided by one E.T. from New York as shown in this video.

Reported PRG fundraising head Elizabeth Trutwin of Disclosure.media is named in Facebook Chat transcripts leaked by the volunteer Citizen Hearing on Disclosure translator in which she is portrayed insinuating attacks against Stephen Bassett and the presence of “idiots spreading rumors and hurting the movement” during dialogues with the Vejle, Denmark-based activist. The Disclosure Lobby creator is further revealed requesting an audit of Thomas Kortholm’s influence on fundraising, described in the interview as indicative of the lobby’s commercial, not Truth-inspired priorities.

The 46-year old husband and father would speak out over concerns that Stephen Bassett claimed a link to the White House/We the People-hosted petition technically malfunctioned over a two-day period when third-party documentation from ReverbNation showed advertising pointing to the same online location continued to function normally. Through his diagnosis of the supposedly broken link, Thomas Kortholm was able to determine that a simple typing error in which “q” was replaced with “g” was to blame. His greatest concern (revealed in transcripts shown to this reporter) was that the White House would disown the Petition on grounds of irregularity if Stephen Bassett persisted in requesting an extension citing 48 hours of fictitious link downtime based on typo-derived evidence alone.

The transcripts also show Stephen Bassett encouraging Thomas Kortholm to participate in media interviews and their engagement over the widely-propagated broken link claims along with the director’s response. According to these documents, the typo hypothesis and recourse to admission of fat-finger error were given little to no consideration while the Danish activist stood accused of “making a MOUNTAIN out of a Mole Hill,” as well as “gossiping and spreading rumors,” by the dismissive Elizabeth Trutwin.

The sum of Thomas Kortholm’s testimony adds up to define a scandal within the Politics of Disclosure. Leveraging only good will and strategic marketing tools available through online music and advertising distribution networks, the contactee videographer led a zero-budget activist campaign that (according to evident independent third-party documentation) put UFO Disclosure on the front pages of websites such as VH-1, MTV, IMDb, Billboard, Spin, Vibe and more. Documentation from independent third-party audits demonstrates the existence of advertising records which can be subpoenaed from ReverbNation’s servers to be examined for veracity by any court of law.

There is a substantial population aware of Disclosure initiatives and within that community Thomas Kortholm’s experience represents one story out of potentially millions. However, his citations of apparent institutional corruption based upon first-hand experience and documented with records that also reside on the servers of Facebook and other online platforms raises the red flag to such an extent that the former supporter now encourages the public to cease financing PRG-led disclosure initiatives. He has also withdrawn his Danish translation work for Citizen Hearing on Disclosure citing breach of agreement.

All of this may simply be the result of misunderstandings and as Thomas Kortholm readily admits, he may be entirely wrong in his interpretation of events. In a hypothetical parallel universe this may be true but in this world of finite resources it seems unethical to consider further promoting and financing such apparent incompetence, mismanagement and misdirected initiatives. America may be first on many fronts of innovation but given the present team’s seemingly dismal performance E.T. Disclosure in our lifetimes may be a jewel that escapes the grasp of such craven fingers.

Exhibits A through I

Updated February 7, 2015: Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett responds via personal Facebook page, then deletes post. States Kortholm claims are “bullshit,” Kelly a “wannabe muckraker journalist” “attacking PRG for years.” 

Stephen Bassett Responds to Thomas Kortholm

Updated February 8, 2015: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Producer Reuben Langdon states “DVDs that went to Congress were illegally created,” “legal action has been taken.”

CHD Producer Reuben Langdon States Congress DVDs Were Created Illegally

Updated February 8, 2015: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Funder Tom Clearwater submits official response to NewsInsideOut.com request for comment.

“I am unsurprised that some or another or even any disclosure initiative, here the subject Petition, might reveal what might appear to be anomalies tending the direction of undercutting or intending to undercut the credibility of those involved in the Disclosure field. The ET/UFO field is a realm of concern that concentrates and focuses numerous, including in my opinion the most, powerful societal interests many of which directly clash with each other and each’s stated and, where applicable, unnamed objectives. This, for me, including any prattling about anomalies claimed to be definitively this or that respecting some or another person or persons in that field, seems to me an expected phenomenon. In fact, I’d be genuinely surprised by the absence of such.

“Speaking of clashing interests, Mr. Webre has clashed personally with Mr. Bassett in a series of stinging, unresolved incidents over the Citizen Hearing, from which if I recall correctly Mr. Webre feels he was turfed, if I can put it that way. Further to this, one could suggest that such fallings-out have by now formed what appears to be a pattern in Mr. Webre’s life. Suffice it to say for all these reasons I’m unsurprised Mr. Webre’s website is generating this story.”

[As a matter of clarification, Chat archives residing on Facebook’s servers demonstrate how NewsInsideOut.com columnist Jon Kelly was approached by DisclosureGate whistleblower Thomas Kortholm, not that NewsInsideOut.com acted in any way to “generate a story” as suggested in Tom Clearwater’s response above. NewsInsideOut.com’s favorable initial coverage of #Artists for #Disclosure emphasized “the most personal issues of contact along with its ethical and spiritual implications.” The activities of Stephen Bassett have been subject to prior investigations by journalists including Alfred Webre, whose findings demonstrated unethical professional and financial dealings on the part of the PRG director. See: DisclosureGate: Former Congress members bribed over Cheney’s secret Mars program]

Updated February 9, 2015: Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett continues to claim “the petition site itself was down for three days” after receiving public notice of independent audit by third-party ReverbNation showing evidence to the contrary. Who is telling the truth?

Stephen Bassett claims "petition site itself was down for three days"

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#Artists for #Disclosure founder cites deep spirituality in UFO contact

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video posted to YouTube on January 7, 2015, goes behind the scenes of Disclosure activism and UFO contact with #Artists for #Disclosure founder and Project Coordinator Thomas Kortholm featuring an interview that touches on some of the most personal issues of contact along with its ethical and spiritual implications. The music industry veteran is the driving force behind a public information campaign that has placed Disclosure-advocacy advertising on high-profile websites including Rolling Stone. The campaign targets public participation in compelling the United States government to reveal its secrets concerning an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Based in Vejle, Denmark, #Artists for #Disclosure draws upon free industry promotional resources shared by a group of international musical artists out of California, Australia and Germany including pianist/composer Andi Starr, singer/songwriter Ned Branchi, multi-instrumentalist StarGazer and underground house party/art music group That Noise (see detailed artist bios below). The project has created two free Android Apps and accumulated over 1600 fans on ReverbNation, the website that has reportedly helped millions of emerging artists build their careers. Their current focus targets support for the newly-announced Disclosure Petition VII which seeks 100,000 signatures within 30 days.

What distinguishes the 46-year old husband and father from online garden-variety lip-service UFO activism is his direct involvement with UFO contact and grassroots leadership in Contact-related education. Thomas Kortholm is currently floating a proposal to offer a three-day “HeartInMotion” Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) and Human Initiated Close Encounters (HICE) training session on the island of Hjarnø, Denmark, with a number of proposed dates in 2015. There are more details on his blog and the preliminary program is also outlined below.

On January 1, 2015, the life-long contactee posted a video to YouTube displaying a luminous orb UFO that made two overhead passes while accompanying a New Year’s fireworks celebration. To offer further insight regarding his reflections on the nature of personal contact, Thomas Kortholm spoke with NewsInsideOut.com in a video interview from his offices in Vejle, Denmark on January 7, 2015. The following partial transcript has been edited for clarity.

“I have had UFO experiences since I was a kid and also had shared experiences with others. These were not however in the form of human-initiated contact [CE-5]. I’ve also followed Ufology and science all of my life. When the “Sirius” movie directed by Amardeep Kaleka investigated the Atacama humanoid I got really interested. I thought that maybe I should check some of these things out. I decided to try and start meditating following the guided meditation offered by Dr. Steven Greer. I did that for quite some time and nothing really happened.

“I found the meditation very peaceful so I started looking into other ways of performing this practice. But I kept doing the CE-5 contact meditation hoping that something would happen. Then the “Sirius” movie came out and the Citizen Hearing. When I watched “Sirius” I noticed Kosta Makreas who mentioned a loosely-organized global community of people practicing CE-5 contact with a website called ET Let’s Talk. I thought, “I should get in touch with him,” because that sounded really interesting. I did and right from the start he was very helpful and nice.

“That was in May 2013 and at that time I was thinking “You just have to wait until you see the next one,” because my practice was not working. Then in June I suddenly felt like something was going on. I was feeling like I was connecting. Walking outside I suddenly had a sighting. I tried telepathically asking “Are you listening, are you there?” requesting the object to change color and direction. There seemed to be some kind of response to which I replied “Yay!” It was amazing.

“Of course I told my wife who countered with “Wow, that sounds interesting, you crazy fellow.” A few weeks later we were walking the dogs. Coming out of a tunnel I knew right away that they were here. I looked up and our red friend was there. I told my wife who looked up and said “Wow, it’s true.” I suggested that she try to make it change direction or color with her mind. The object zig-zagged a bit then phased out. Her response to this was “Wow, make them land!” Because of these events I became convinced that I had to work further with the phenomena.

“Through the ET Let’s Talk community we got in touch with a member named “StarGazer,” a musician from Germany who had also accumulated a lot of sighting and contact experiences. He said that he would like to come and visit us in Denmark and we agreed. He came and we had some really long and good talks. Then we went to a small island called Hjarnø near where I live. I had been there ten days earlier at a media production camp where I was teaching music. The weather was beautiful and I took some of the students to the beach at night. We performed a CE-5 exercise and they also had a beautiful experience. Because of this I thought that this island would be a nice place to visit again.

“We went there, we jammed and watched the starships and had an amazing experience. We had some orb pictures taken which was pretty amazing because I did not believe in orbs at that time. It certainly changed my mind. That commenced my commitment to perform these exercises on a regular basis.

“I really want to learn more about this. It’s very deep. The inner-development part of this is very personal and deeply spiritual. Feeling the connection inside brings knowledge that you are not alone, ever. “

Watch the #Artists for #Disclosure Video Trailer. Download the #Artists for #Disclosure free Android App.

#Artists for #Disclosure Artist Bios

ANDI STARR, OJAI, CA: http://www.reverbnation.com/andistarr

“Andi Starr is a classically trained pianist, identical twin, and pastor’s daughter, who at twenty-two-years old, picked up a $100 guitar to help her find a way out of the religious upbringing that no longer worked for her. Andi Starr’s particular gift is in turning difficult subject matter into heartfelt, sometimes haunting, and always beautiful compositions. Culturespill Magazine states: “Andi Starr hits the right notes: the notes that hurt, the notes that know you, the notes that make you meet yourself.”

NED BRANCHI, MELBOURNE, AU: http://www.reverbnation.com/nedbranchi

“Ned Branchi is a singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia whose career began in the late eighties with many bands including “Ned & the HDs”, Angry Marrows” and “The Horla” just to name a few and has appeared on stage with some of the biggest bands in the world. In the early 90’s Ned was a founding member and singer-songwriter of “BTJ” who went on to release his material on 3 CDs “Killervision”, “Soulfeast” and “Rough Justice”. In the late 90’s Ned founded “Spoon”, an Alternative grunge rock band forged in the sweaty pubs of Newcastle, taking Newcastle by storm and soon becoming one of the biggest bands on the East Coast of Australia.”

STARGAZER, KIEL, DE: http://www.reverbnation.com/germanstargazer

StarGazer always had a passion for music. At the age of 14 he began to play classical guitar. With the age of 16 some oriental instruments came into his life. Hand drums such as Djembe and Darabuka and something special: a Renaissance bagpipe. At the age of 23 the “Hang” landed in his hands and always accompanied him on his trips, to express his feelings and memories of the people he met.”

THAT NOISE, L.A.: http://www.reverbnation.com/thatnoise

“Cutting their teeth in the So Cal underground house party and Downtown Los Angeles art scenes, That Noise purposefully colors outside the lines and their sonic penmanship is an explosive and stimulating aural antidote for the pop-weary. Continually playing shows and winning over fans one at a time is their Modus operandi.”

Preliminary 2015 “HeartInMotion” CE-5/HICE Program Schedule

Departure Snaptun: 17:30 [Bus 104 from Horsens 16:55]
18.00 – 19:00: Check in at Hjarnø Camping
19:30 – 21:00: Welcome, Information & Dinner.
21.30 – ???: We go to the beach, find our place, and begin the CE-5/HICE exercises.

9:00 – 10:30 Breakfast.
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch.
[10:00 until sunset: Sea kayaking trip around the Hjarnø, the weather determines which day it might be]
16.00 – 18:00: Introduction to CE-5/HICE: “Ethics, Protocol, Techniques”
19 – 20.30: Dinner
21.00 – ???: CE-5/HICE exercises on the beach [Possibly indoor weather dependent]

9:00 – 10:30: Breakfast.
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch.
[10:00 until sunset: Sea kayaking trip around the Hjarnø, the weather determines which day it might be]
16.00 – 18:00: Introduction to CE-5/HICE: “Meditation, Visualization & Vectoring”
19 – 20.30: Dinner
21.00 – ???: CE-5/HICE exercises on the beach [Possibly indoor weather dependent]

9:00 – 10:30: Breakfast.
12:00 – 13:00: Lunch.
[10:00 until sunset: Sea kayaking trip around the Hjarnø, the weather determines which day it might be]
13.30 – 15.30: Evaluation & Summary
16:00: Check out from Hjarnø Camping.
17:00: Ferry to Snaptun [Bus connection to Horsens and Juelsminde. Route 104.]

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