‘Planet Jonestown’ reveals drone warrior’s mind control secrets

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video published to YouTube on December 7, 2014, purports cult-like ritualistic code words encrypted backwards within the testimony of ex-USAF pilot Brandon Bryant. “Planet Jonestown: Secrets of Drone Warfare” reveals a sleep talking-like vocabulary enciphered within the former drone sensor operator’s Democracy Now interview of October 25, 2013. References to “Dracula,” “Satan,” and “Moloch” weave throughout the soundtrack portraying CIA MKULTRA-derived trauma-based mind-control indoctrination of military intelligence personnel in a way that is identical to what reported agency operative Reverend Jim Jones was heard to say on the Jonestown Death Tape.

“Planet Jonestown” offers comparative analysis demonstrating three instances indicative of intelligent planning on par with that cited by Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta in his testimony before the 911 commission. The most obscure of the three invokes a common ancestor of President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense John Kerry, Vlad III Dracul (aka “Vlad the Impaler”) or “Dracula.” This name appears in military operations including the British invasion of Rangoon in 1945 and the rebuttal of author Laurie Efrein Kahalas who cites “Dracula Jones and demons of the deep” in her online denial of CIA involvement with Jonestown.

Mind control researchers claim operant victims of these programs refer to their handlers as “the devil,” “Satan” or “master.” Repetitive invocation through evident unconscious speech nominates Brandon Bryant and Jim Jones as candidate indoctrinees whose missions shared a common vision of large-scale ritual massacres now taking place on a pan-global scale. 918 people including men, women and children died on November 18, 1978, in Jonestown, Guyana and over 2,400 persons are said to have been killed by drone strikes under the Obama administration. Brandon Bryant says network-enabled strikes embody unconstitutional summary executions with some reportedly involving children and pregnant women.

The following analysis relies upon applied phenomena of reflection mirroring audio from Brandon Bryant’s Democracy Now interview across the soundtrack timeline on a digital audio workstation. Demonstrated effectiveness of this procedure is a matter of public record in applications where military and forensic-grade intelligence concerning events of the Iraq War, identification of the BTK Killer and UFOs in Edward Snowden’s NSA data cache was released prior to widespread confirmation. The transcript below reflects the comments of Brandon Bryan during the October 25, 2013, interview with Democracy Now and the encrypted messages detected therein.

A devil skips: “Yeah, it’s pixelated, but, I mean, you could—you could see that it was a human being, and you could see that—what he was doing, and you could see the crater from the drone—from the Hellfire missile, and you could see probably the body pieces that were around this guy.”

Neural. Beats even Dracula. No winners: “You know, it’s the femoral artery, so he could have bled out really fast. It was cold outside, you know, wintertime. It seemed like forever to me, but we—as the Predator drone can stay in the air for like 18 to 32 hours, and so they just had us watch and do battle damage assessment to make sure that—to see if anyone would come and pick up the body parts or anyone really cared who these people were. And we watched long enough that the body cooled on the ground, and they called us off target.”

Give her demon a gun: “They had made the determination that those were the only people that were in there. And something ran around the corner, and it looked like a little person. And it made me realize that, you know, we can have all the intel in the world, and it’s still not going to be perfect. And as clean as these types of strikes can be, they’re in reality really dirty.”

I’ll be this darkness. Sit down with the devil Satan: “There’s a shift that goes on. So, there’s multiple shifts in the day. And typically, you are assigned a mission on that shift, because crew continuity is so viable. They want the same types of people on the same missions, because that means that less explanation has to happen between crews, and there’s more accountability there, internal accountability.”

Death hurt. Punish him. Move my sin. Show monster. Devil beat them. His enemy. Enemy who buys the gun. Death was dirty. Devil. Beat that Satan the sick: “Because there’s so much misinformation out there, that—so much speculation, and—and that’s wrong. The United States government hasn’t really done a good job of humanizing the people that do it. And everyone else thinks that the whole program or the people behind it are a joke, that we are video-game warriors, that we’re Nintendo warriors. And that’s—that’s really not the case. And these—the people that do the job are just as legit and just as combat-oriented as anyone else.”

The partial transcript below reflects the comments of Rev. Jim Jones during recording of the November 18, 1978, Jonestown Death Tape and the encrypted messages detected therein.

Go now to bury with the Dracula: “You don’t think you’ll go down? I wish I could tell you you were right but I’m right. There’s one man there who blames (and rightfully so) Debbie Blakey [Temple financial secretary Deborah Layton Blakey] for the murder of his mother.”

They give blood for the demon: “Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother please. Mother please, please, please. Don’t do this, don’t do this. Put down your life with your child but don’t do this.”

A monster’s got me running Moloch: “Just step over quietly because we are not committing suicide. It’s a revolutionary act. We can’t go back. They won’t leave us alone. They’re now going back to tell more lies which means more congressmen and there’s no way, no way we can survive.”

For more in-depth discussion of the procedure by which these results were derived, please watch veteran broadcasters Chris and Sheree Geo discuss “secret unconscious communications of Bill Cosby, President George W. Bush, the BTK Killer, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Russian spy Anna Chapman and UFO witness Kenneth Arnold on Truth Frequency Radio for November 29, 2014” in the video below.

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