Anna Chapman’s secret messages named youth accomplice, anticipated handler’s betrayal

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, B.C. – An exclusive new video posted to YouTube on January 30, 2015, purports analysis of former Russian spy Anna Chapman revealed the name of a youth accomplice and betrayal by a handler that would lead to her arrest. The report was originally issued in 2011 as the FBI raised the grave spectre of an invigorated Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), stating the captured spy represented a “new breed of illegal operative” whose covert activities ended “before classified information changed hands.” Tim Folely, the son of fellow spies “Donald Heathfield” and “Tracey Foley” was later named in a WSJ report from 2012.

Secret encrypted messages revealed how elements of the intercepted espionage effort reflected a covert agenda involving both international and domestic MKULTRA-like “ghost” operatives in North America. The hidden remarks were identified when the audio soundtrack from Anna Chapman’s video interview for New York Entrepreneur Week (formerly featured on TechCrunchTV) was reflected through a digital mirror and monitored in reverse playback. Within the report, Anna Chapman named “Tim” linking him with a “Vegas drop.” The messages also included descriptions of “sorcery” and a “master” who “walks with the dead.”

According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, “Tim Foley was among the children most extensively groomed for a future spy career” by members of a Russian spy ring under the Illegals Program. Aged 20 at the time of his parents’ arrest, he had reportedly consented and according to authorities citing FBI surveillance had agreed to seek espionage training in Russia.

Col. Alexander Poteyev was the handler later accused by Anna Chapman and others of being a U.S. double-agent. According to ABC News the former spy told the Moscow District Military Court that “she was apprehended shortly after a U.S. agent contacted her using a code word known only to Poteyev and her personal handler [see “Little hand” message below].” At the time the news source stated, “Poteyev was deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service’s “S” department and ran the sleeper agent ring.” Secret messages citing “two-faced” and “betrayal” suggested Anna Chapman’s foreknowledge of official misconduct leading to her arrest.

Earlier this week the Guardian reported the FBI’s arrest of a Russian man on charges of conspiracy alleging he was part of a trio whose mission was to recruit Americans and gather economic intelligence. RT’s Editor-in-Chief responded to the FBI’s citation of the trio’s supposed involvement with a “leading Russian state-owned news organisation” by highlighting how RT has now been linked by U.S. officials to terrorism and espionage with ninjas, Illuminati and “Alien overlords” soon to follow.

At the time of the original report Canadian national security spy concerns were highlighted in the case of a reportedly Canadian scientist who admitted economic espionage in giving Cargill Inc. trade secrets to China along with the alleged use of Canadian passports by Russians indicted on charges of conspiring to act as secret agents in the United States. In 2010 Richard Fadden, Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), relayed his suspicions of how municipal politicians in British Columbia were under the “influence of a foreign government” on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation national television.

It became a Canadian moment of extreme situational irony when the CSIS director later stated how the cases were not “of sufficient concern to bring them to the attention of provincial authorities.” Which explains why he made such an extraordinary exception in appearing on national television to broadcast those claims in the first place.

MKULTRA was the codename for an illegal operation run by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Scientific Intelligence in which subjects were subjected to torture (including sexual abuse) in attempts to partition their minds for use as Manchurian Candidate-type assassins. In 2007, the Government of Canada faced victims seeking a class action lawsuit for its role in allowing Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (whose assistant was father to former Spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada, Mila Mulroney) to use the Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University to further the ethically void CIA “Frankenscience.”

The non-fiction reality of MKULTRA is well known to Canadians. The independent student newspaper McGill Daily article “MK-ULTRAViolence Or, how McGill pioneered psychological torture” chronicled CIA and Government of Canada co-sponsorship of illegal programs targeting vulnerable populations that provided foundational research for widely-used torture manuals.

Occult influences in modern intelligence culture can be revealed historically, iconically and through surveillance of language used to describe covert communications. Encoded language used in concealing information concerning spiritual sciences and the acquisition of supernatural human performance capabilities (against religious prosecution and abuse by underdeveloped persons of questionable character) predates the use of encryption for political purposes. A crypt, for example, describes an underground burial vault in contemporary vernacular. In this sense, an act of “encryption” involves burial of a person, whereas “decryption” implies the raising of the dead from their graves.

These same ideations are revealed in agency logos. The former British Military Intelligence (MI5) logo, for example, includes the Eye of Providence or “All-Seeing Eye” in the capstone of a pyramid, reflecting the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and that symbol’s current use on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill. The same image was selected to represent DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program in the early part of the millennium. Within an illuminated context, the acronym CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) can be interpreted as an example of both applied transposition and substitution ciphers revealing CIA->ACI-> All C-ing I->All-Seeing Eye.

By such interpretation the CIA’s conduct as outlined above is characteristic of America’s “All-Seeing-Eye.” Who knew?

In its most archaic sense, the “All-Seeing Eye” represents a performance characteristic of clairvoyant persons whose practice of mental concentration promotes Ajina Chakra (“Third Eye”) activation via the ascent of their dormant or sleeping microcosmic potential (Sanskrit kundalini). Their subsequent lucid perceptions of intelligence from beyond the constraints of time designated those individuals within various world societies as seer, soothsayer or sorcerer.

Dr. John Dee, the original “007”, employed “scrying” (mirror or crystal-gazing) to develop intelligence that was used strategically and in psychological warfare (PSYOPS) operations against the enemies of Queen Elizabeth I in sixteenth century England. As a transposition cipher, the term “psyops” becomes “spy-ops”. A spy in this most esoteric sense becomes a person concerned with observing the soul (Greek psychē), as revealed during the interview with former Russian spy Anna Chapman, in which she described New York Entrepreneur Week as “a place where you have similar souls.”

Time reported how “espionage is still very much rooted in personal contact and old-school techniques, including buried information drops.” The “Vegas drop” and child accomplice “Tim” detected in Anna Chapman’s statements below could refer to former Hotel Bonanza of Las Vegas on New York’s East 43rd Street with a possible role in covert exchanges. Spies and their affection for hospitality are epitomized in London’s Royal Horseguards hotel. The New York Times In Transit blog reported “the building’s eighth floor was used by the British secret service as a headquarters; secret passageways, sliding bookshelves and other classic tropes from spy movies were installed.”

The FBI-dubbed “Ghost Stories” investigation was cited by ABC News for how “many of the Russian spies assumed the stolen identities of dead Americans.” This re-invigoration of the deceased played out in Anna Chapman’s secret messages through the appearance of the “master”, “magus” or “sorcerer” who “walk[s] with [the] dead.” Such titles suggested the codename of a handler whose duties included the resurrection of stolen identities and their assignment to spies.

Echoes of appellations alluding to mystical practices are found in secret societies including Yale’s Skull and Bones, where “Bonesmen” (including Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush) reportedly adopt secret names including archaic terms that describe demons. Secret society culture is further reflected in a reference to the “dead who cared.” San Francisco’s Bohemian Club hosts an annual event at Bohemian Grove where a hidden video camera revealed how their “Cremation of Care” ceremony involves the burning of a human corpse in effigy.

A “succubus” in western folklore is a female demon who engages in Inception-like dream warfare invasions to facilitate the seduction of male victims through sexual intercourse. Regarding the role of sado-masochistic themes in her personal life, ex-husband Alex Chapman told the New York Daily News how the former spy “had a penchant for whips and nipple clamps and once joined him in a mile-high sex romp aboard a Moscow-bound flight.” According to a later defector, Anna Chapman was allegedly ordered to seduce NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, to whom she once tweeted a marriage proposal.

The open source analytic methodology used in detecting the secret messages of Anna Chapman echoed the Elizabethan scrying legacy of Dr. Dee by reflecting a graph of her digitally sampled speech across the Y axis, enabling audio playback and monitoring in reverse. The messages detected through this procedure were formed by unconscious processes related to sleep talking and Freudian slips. These communications have been demonstrated repeatedly providing involuntary disclosures to reveal hidden contents of the speaker’s unconscious mind.

The method used in the independent Anna Chapman study complies with the standards and results of a published work in which human listeners monitored speech sounds that had been subject to various degrees of mirror filtering in order to measure their relative intelligibility under highly filtered conditions. Commenting on those results, Britain’s prestigious Royal Society noted how “It is remarkable that speech remains reasonably intelligible even under conditions of extreme distortion, such as … time reversal of segments of speech (Saberi & Perrott 1999).”

The authors of the study told Nature, one of the premier publications in science, how “We have studied the intelligibility of speech, and find it is resistant to time reversal of local segments of a spoken sentence.” One of the authors, distinguished University of California, Irvine Professor of Cognitive Sciences Kourosh Saberi even went so far as to state how “Speech is a multidimensional stimulus. There are different ways you can extract a message from it.”

The following partial transcript of Anna Chapman’s interview for New York Entrepreneur Week highlights the secret messages detected within.

Evil weapon. Sorcery: “Well it was kind of very personal. When I first had an idea to do this, I was trying to buy an apartment for myself and I was living in London. And it took me a lot of time to save money and buy it. And when I started looking for it, I couldn’t find any resource that would be, you know, very easy to use and that would have all information in it.”

The master walk with dead who cared. Sterilize devil. I kill you. Spies devil puke: “I think that is the best choice I’ve ever had to do in my life and I never would go back. And that’s something I’d never regret to do. And actually, to be completely frank with you, I studied a lot to be an investment banker and to really understand something in finance. It was very competitive all the time, even though I did have a lot of success in doing so. But I think the most challenging part of my life really started when I quit all my jobs, really cut all my salaries and really did something I wanted to do.”

Devil. Keep the wallet that he got me. My panic’s your bloody signals. Do a Vegas drop with Tim: “You know, be scared – do it anyway. And not only that, you have a lot of people that gone a long way to success. And you have many people that are thinking about doing it. You know, going this way, this direction. So it’s very important to bring these two parts together. When someone can see them, this can happen. And inspire them to go forward with their ideas.”

Analyze the other betrayer. Succubus. Little hand who knows: “Well, I’ve learned that it’s difficult situation for everyone. You know, it’s … And you know, entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. It’s not just going forward for your dreams, it’s not just being successful all of a sudden. It’s solving problems. I mean, 90% of the time you’ve got a problem that you need to solve. And there are different problems for all entrepreneurs and knowledge is one of the main problems that they’ve got.”

Loves power: “Inspiration is probably the main feeling I had after that week. I mean, every single day, people asked me how I felt. Inspiration was the only thing that was in my head. Like, I usually have a lot to say about many things, but then I was so thrilled, I was so excited that inspiration was only thing I could think of. And I knew, in the long term, it would mean a lot to me because it’s just some kind of information that stays in your head for a while and makes you dream it for a while as well.”

Seems two-faced. They envy you. My heavy works the one you’re on. Also, I know a system: “I was someone who just arrived to New York. Basically just arrived, I didn’t know anyone. Like, maybe in Europe I know most of the people that were involved in agile investment, other entrepreneurs. Like your know, so many people in the industry that help you go over some issues. But here I knew no one. And this event was something to start with and that really made a difference to me. Now I know a lot of people introduced me to someone else, those introduced me to someone else. So, now I know where to go if I have something to solve.”

Nervous. Tell magus. Know we blew the plan: “Well, in couple of month we will be launching, so that will be the site to go.”

[This article originally appeared in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for November 2, 2011]

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