MUFON Mission Creep: Whistleblower Revelations of Phil Leech Expose Potential HIPAA Law Violations as Covert Deep State Allegiance Indicator in Interview with Erica Lukes

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on February 12, 2019, catches up with former Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Utah State Director Erica Lukes in conversation with co-editor Jon Kelly discussing explosive revelations from UFO Classified’s recent interview series with MUFON whistleblower Phil Leech. This latest UFOlogy and Exopolitics investigation raises disturbing questions regarding how MUFON could possibly survive an audit testing compliance with its own internal guidelines, let alone one that evaluated MUFON compliance with U.S. federal laws and regulations. UFO Classified with Erica Lukes airs Friday nights at 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST on KCOR.

Erica Lukes is a UFO researcher and host of UFO Classified on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. She is the former state director for the Utah chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) who trained as a MUFON field investigator. She is currently holding a substantial historic archive of UFO periodicals, research, rare books and other publications (some of which were willed to her by noted researchers) available through special public events in Salt Lake City. Erica will be seen on Science Channel’s “NASA’s Unexplained Files”.

In a series of letters posted to earlier this year the former National Director of MUFON’s Case Review Team detailed an emergent culture of extensive background checks targeting individuals reporting UFO incidents where potential Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) law violations exposed Americans’ protected health information (PHI).

In the first document Phil Leech wrote “I have found that some investigators are having extensive background checks run on witnesses when they submit a report … one report showing a comprehensive list of medications a witness is using with side effects from these medicines.” Citing MUFON’s Case Management System (CMS) as a multi-user access online database, the author noted “many individuals within MUFON” could inappropriately (if not illegally) access such protected records via a simple login.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the HIPAA Privacy Rule “requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization. The Rule also gives patients rights over their health information, including rights to examine and obtain a copy of their health records, and to request corrections.” How MUFON is maintaining compliance with such standards is not well-understood at the time of this writing.

The Phil Leech letters further chronicle seemingly outrageous evidence management practices naming MUFON’s Director of Investigations Chase Kloetzke in the black hole funneling of highly sensitive materials collected from witness medical procedures (an alleged implant) to Luis Elizondo, formerly with the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), now To The Stars (TTS) Academy’s Director of Global Security and Special Programs.

In a passage that appears to defy the author’s understanding of chain of custody compliance, Phil Leech wrote how this exotic specimen left MUFON’s purview via “Lue Elizondo with the production company from A&E that picked it up for transport.” The whistleblower asked incredulously “After 50 years of searching for the truth why would [DOI Chase Kloetzke] or anyone else turn over the one piece of evidence that could prove this all to a Production Company?”

In the way described by whistleblower testimony MUFON appears to resemble an active covert partner to multiple departments of the federal government including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s widely-derided “If You See Something, Say Something” informants campaign, where bureaucratic mission creep imposes continuingly increasing demands for public data mining in the name of quotas and yearly bonuses. It is in such a manner that MUFON appears to act as a covert enabler of ongoing out-of-control big government expansion into what remains of private life in America.

And MUFON is not alone in potential privacy trespasses. In perhaps the most bizarre turn of events supposed Secret Space Program (SSP) whistleblower Corey Goode and protégé Jordan Sather have been named as principal actors in a criminal #DoxxGate doxxing campaign targeting online critics and opponents resulting in legal action due to HIPAA law violations against one of their victims. Ironically it was Corey Goode’s controversial appearance at the 2017 MUFON Symposium that fueled in part a mass defection of the organization’s senior membership protesting MUFON’s latest iteration as an entertainment production company that has abandoned science in all but name.

MUFON’s ridiculous public embrace of Corey Goode’s ever-changing narratives alongside an apparent shared HIPAA law violation modus operandi seems to define both parties as Blue Avians of the same feather. Seen in this profound light, Goode and company as cultural phenoms can also be understood as characters in live action national security exopolitical theater role play harboring covert allegiance to U.S. federal agency initiatives.

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Erica Lukes: An Emerging Scientific Universalism for UFOlogy’s Racist Neo-Fascist Times

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive two-part video released June 18, 2018, on TrueTube by (Part I, Part II) captured UFO Classified’s Erica Lukes’ lucid insights surrounding a variety of incendiary UFOlogical questions and commentary from host Jon Kelly. In this episode TrueTube caught up with the former Mutual UFO Network state director for Utah following her emergence as a champion for women’s issues in contemporary UFOlogy. Newsweek reported earlier this year in an article titled “What if Aliens Met Racists?” how MeToo-era MUFON presents an unenticing brand comparable to a dumpster fire of racism and sexism.

During her exclusive interview the “UFOs: The Lost Evidence” cast member explained how researchers dedicated to science and truth have broken formal ties with the network in the wake of their latest scandal, emerging as independent voices pioneering new avenues for discovery and learning. In Part I the Newsweek newsmaker told in morbid uncensored detail of navigating entrenched gender and racial stereotyping said to be common in major UFO media workplaces and social networks. In Part II Erica Lukes explained how an ongoing science-backed research program at Hessdalen, Norway, would be impossible to replicate under the present political climate in Trump’s America.

The discussion ventures further into roles played by the film “Sirius” (2013) and the supposed “Roswell Slides” in for-profit desecration of indigenous native child remains, so-called “Wet Room UFOlogy” implications of promoting torture aficionados to executive roles at the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and NXIVM-like UFO cults (along with public vulnerability to cult appeals). Further citations include negligently uncritical mainstream UFO reporting omissions and the Bigelow Aerospace “files-for-cash” scandal that apparently placed one MUFON director of abduction research’s social worker’s license under a state-imposed five-year probation.

Having viewed Parts I and II viewers may agree with the yogic conception of how understanding life in the universe requires a universal outlook, not one constrained by classism, racism, sexism or nationalism. To critics the guest and host offer a collective argument seemingly stating, “Your racist sexist fascistic UFOlogy is defective and will not produce good results.”

According to an online bio Erica Lukes is a UFO researcher and podcaster. She is the former state director for the Utah chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and a MUFON field investigator. She is currently conducting private research on UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and Parapsychology (the scientific study of paranormal and psychic phenomena).

“Erica Lukes Interview with Jon Kelly” Part I and Part II are available on TrueTube by backed by Gumroad. Part I is available for viewing with no purchase necessary (however signup is required). Part II is available for a nominal $5.00 fee. Both can be accessed using the “I Want This” button when clicking through links offered below.

Click Here to Watch “Erica Lukes Interview with Jon Kelly” Part I

Click Here to Watch “Erica Lukes Interview with Jon Kelly” Part II


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2016 Through the Mirror: Jon Kelly’s top ten most-read articles revealed

By Jon Kelly

Jon Kelly’s top ten most-read articles revealed

Vancouver, BC – A review of 2016’s top ten most-read articles written exclusively by Canadian journalist NewsInsideOut reporter Jon Kelly suggests it was a year for news to focus on international false flag terrorism, domestic stings targeting the so-called alt-right, censorship in social media, targeting of women in UFOlogy, the birth of a new era in live UFO broadcasting and more. Reports from the former CBS Radio feature producer are known for offering futuristic insight defining deep politics that shape news and the world around us. The following look back offers a summary of this year’s reader-selected highlights with clickable links to each of the articles.

Number ten from our top ten list of most-read articles by Jon Kelly investigated the soundtrack from a video recorded in March by witness Shawna Cox captured from inside of the besieged vehicle of Malheur County Wildlife Refuge occupiers. The video soundtrack became the focal point of a study that determined how protestors issued cries of “murder” while under fire.  FBI snipers were said to be under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for their role in the death of LaVoy Finicum at the scene.

Our number nine story “Primacy of the American Sniper” followed an extraordinary chain of evidence linking the Oregon standoff to the San Bernardino mass shooting, Boston Marathon bombing, Euromaidan Revolution in Ukraine, Craft mercenaries, “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and CIA “Phoenix Program” domestic operations including the SLA kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst, Al Gore’s alleged Portland masseuse and the California governorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Number eight from our top ten list announced the release of Alfred Lambremont Webre’s “Navigating the Omniverse” workshop online via NewsInsideOut Plus. “It was a beautiful April day at the P.N.E. as I walked past Momiji Gardens towards the entrance of Vancouver’s 2016 Body Soul & Spirit Expo to attend “Navigating the Omniverse”, a breakthrough workshop based on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s bestselling new book.” Viewers can watch this workshop along with other titles available in the exclusive NewsInsideOut Plus Video Library.

Number seven discussed an investigation of Hampstead UK Child Sexual Abuse that led the British government to issue a legal complaint in November effectively banning YouTube UK publication of the video “Ricky Dearman’s Satanic Verses”. The original article described a besieged father’s response to allegations he leads a North London-based satanic cult focused on ritual murder, pedophilia and human trafficking. The disgraced actor had earlier told BBC “I’m the leader of a satanic sex cult”.

Our number six story in this year’s top ten list highlighted the birth of a new era in live broadcasting over social media. A night vision UFO skywatch hosted from Vancouver, British Columbia, streamed over Facebook Live in a historic first-of-its-kind free public event. While the critically panned UFO results may not have been as spectacular as other footage gathered from the same location, this landmark event only furthered our sense that social media somehow isn’t just for humans anymore.

Number five examined the targeting of women at UFO conferences for stalking and sexual abuse. Erica Lukes’ interview and exclusive statement spoke further to allegations aired in an extraordinary radio moment with Coast to Coast AM’s George Knapp (story includes MP3 audio). Stalking and sexual abuse targeting women in the UFOlogy community is now international news. And a potential JTRIG operative appearing under the guise of a confidential informant left UFOlogy citing risks to privacy.

Our number four story from the top ten list named the Israeli Mossad at Brussels based upon findings in testimony of a witness to explosions at Zaventem airport, one incident on a day in March when 35 died and more than 300 were said to be injured during several explosions. A swarm of multiple foreign intelligence agency undercover operatives are said to have conspired around the de facto capital of the European Union where the witness was presented on television under a name synonymous with “Paris”. The English-language term Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is shown to be styled as the acronym “ISIS”.

Number three navigates what happens when independent journalistic video is rejected for distribution by one of the top-ranked social media websites in the world. It turns out the answer is to offer that and other titles via private label on-demand pay-per-view subscription. We call it NewsInsideOut Plus. One of many stories to further crystallize the necessity for public support of private label distribution for leading-edge content secure from the editorial reach of an increasingly censorious social media.

Our number two story in this year’s top ten list reported that Ammon Bundy unconsciously disclosed his standing as a government-paid agent provocateur during multiple video statements posted to social media in the wake of a federal building occupation by armed protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. A federal jury in Oregon found all defendants not guilty during a subsequent trial that ended in October, a fact that has done nothing to lift these suspicions. Such light treatment by the courts could be expected if in fact the occupation had been a sting seeking to entrap naïve constitutionalists and the so-called alt-right all along.

Our number one reader-selected story written by NewsInsideOut reporter former CBS Radio feature producer Jon Kelly investigated a report stating the Central Intelligence Agency was named by one witness to explosions at Brussels’ Zaventem airport claimed by terrorist group ISIS. This in a climate where Russian Colonel Alexander Zhilin had stated earlier, “My point of view is that we absolutely must support Assad. We must ensure he has all he needs to destroy ISIS, in the understanding that ISIS is a non-structural division of the CIA.”

That’s a wrap for this year’s list from Jon Kelly. Please remember that cutting-edge alternative news reporting like the body of work shown above is under siege as we continue bringing news that makes a difference.

If everyone who read this article donated $1 we would achieve our Q1 operational budgetary goal in one day. Please remember to donate this season and support NewsInsideOut in the fight for Truth.

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UFOlogical death of the confidential informant: Erica Lukes full statement and interview

By Jon Kelly

UFO Classifieds' Erica Lukes

Vancouver, BC – A new interview aired on December 7, 2016, features explosive allegations of sexual abuse cover-ups at UFO conferences and cyberstalking of anti-secrecy activists. Erica Lukes, Communications Director for the International Association of UAP Researchers spoke with California MUFON Radio host Lorien Fenton in a conversation that charted never-before-aired grievances that may shock some listeners. Responding to online critics the director’s statements appear to substantiate what Edward Snowden had earlier revealed as components of “psychology-based influence techniques” used by state-sponsored social media trolls on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE: Coast to Coast AM’s George Knapp asked Erica Lukes to speak further to allegations of stalking and sexual abuse in an extraordinary radio moment during her interview on the December 18, 2016, broadcast. Coast to Coast AM is the most-listened-to late-night talk radio show said to air on over 600 terrestrial stations in the United States, Canada, Australia and Guam. Stalking and sexual abuse in the UFOlogy community is now international news. Readers can listen to the segment by clicking play on the player below.


IAUAPR Executive Director Ted Roe has now openly questioned the practice of accepting UFO-related evidence from anonymous confidential secret witnesses in an Exopolitical climate where ET Experiencers have been elevated to the status of primary Disclosure sources. This inquiry appears to have been met with some incendiary blowback in the form of alleged threats and cyberstalking harassment from participants in social media and online broadcasting. It all began when one of the parties pushing for transparency served as an associate producer in MUFON’s communications department, as Erica Lukes relates in the IRN interview.

In her statement published below, the communications director describes how “Many researchers having dedicated considerable time to the field have then been targeted by a negative faction of debunkers who have been allowed to flourish on Facebook and other social media sites. Under such a regime, people who have come into this field seeking answers are discounted, women are targeted and debased.”

According to NewsInsideOut’s Alfred Lambremont Webre there exists an identity-vetting protocol at Facebook whereby members are required by site employees to submit passports and drivers’ licenses. These documents are surrendered in attempts to persuade the social media giant that members are the people whom they say they are in their profile identity. That other members openly use social media today under self-described pseudonyms in such stringent identity-vetting conditions presents Facebook as a paradox-enmeshed platform of extreme double standards.

The social media world seems in this way like a venue whereby the public encounters what could be described as seeming superuser account holders operating anonymously under a secret covenant with a select group of conspirators whose cultural currency within UFOlogy also appears to supersede that of known flesh-and-blood individuals. The appearance of the UFOlogical cultural superuser bears in this way an unfortunate resemblance to the state-sponsored, site-sanctioned troll operating under an assumed identity, like those described in the Snowden JTRIG documents.

The popular science press of today informs readers of the ways in which trolls are lying sadists and psychopaths. Suggestions of how criminals will proceed covertly appear axiomatic. JFK said that “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society.” With these ideas in mind a reasonable individual may consider how any person seeking to avoid the appearance of impropriety would not appear in public under the guise of a potential troll.

Click Here to listen to Erica Lukes on California MUFON Radio.

Exclusive Statement of Erica Lukes: “The past few days have been incredibly alarming for an already fractured community. The blatant misinformation that has spread across the internet has resulted in a mob mentality that seems neither interested in the truth nor in understanding the complexities involved in this situation.

“To date, there has been no proof presented by Mr. Gilles Fernandez to substantiate his claims that Mr. Roe “threatened to out” Isaac Koi. Instead we have seen portions of social media posts that have been given to the public in a deliberate attempt to create an abusive environment to discredit myself, my colleague Ted Roe and the International Association of UAP Research.

“We have received threats of physical harm, blackmail and hacking.

“Both Ted and I have stated numerous times that we value the significant work done by Isaac Koi. He has been an important part of this field for many years and it is a great loss to see him leave. It is very clear that the motives of his associate, Gilles Fernandez must be questioned.

“This current situation has highlighted agendas of people dominating the field whose purpose appears to focus on bullying and abusive behavior. We have witnessed an increasingly negative environment that must be examined if we are to move forward in a cohesive and positive manner.

“Many researchers having dedicated considerable time to the field have then been targeted by a negative faction of debunkers who have been allowed to flourish on Facebook and other social media sites. Under such a regime, people who have come into this field seeking answers are discounted, women are targeted and debased.

“This behavior must end. Discussions of anonymity in a field full of disinformation are valid and needed. If we hope to engage the mainstream scientific community then this among many other issues should be addressed.”

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