UFO on Facebook Live: Night vision broadcast may be historic first

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on December 5, 2016, purports to reveal a UFO that appeared in a Facebook Live broadcast the night before from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In the new video night vision reveals a bright scintillating fast-moving low-altitude light (appearing at 1:49:50 in the original broadcast) that travels from west to east approximately 50 degrees above the horizon .

When studying the footage viewers can observe how the amplitude of the light source varies erratically during flight. Using post-production techniques, the Facebook Live-produced MP4 archive is slowed down, digitally magnified and stabilized offering viewers a closer second look at the most remarkable incident from that early winter evening skywatch.

Viewers may note due to MP4 compression in the Facebook Live-produced master file numerous geometric artifacts appear throughout the footage. The subject is most likely to have resembled other luminous bodies observed at the same location using the same optical systems recorded in uncompressed formats.

There is very little about the subject of the video that resembles a bird in flight. Footage of a soaring eagle from earlier that day is presented in a visual side-by-side comparison. Night vision studies of Washington bats using the same equipment under wilderness conditions have displayed the mammals’ bodies and wings.

What the subject does resemble are the scintillating balls of light over Vancouver recorded by an anonymous cell phone videographer on News Year Day 2016. NewsInsideOut reported how the witness “looked up and saw three flashing metallic looking objects coming from over the North Shore Mountains. Immediately, I pointed them out to a couple who also witnessed them. Right after I pulled out my phone and started recording. The objects traveled linearly towards the southwest.“

Regional videographers including IslandOnlineNews’ Fritz Stammberger, Les Murzsa and Charles Lamoureux have also published quality video recordings of luminous spheres travelling local skies under day and night conditions. Non-specialist cell phone users have captured them in flight over downtown Vancouver. What was broadcast over Facebook Live last night may be of the same order of phenomena as those recorded by contemporary area observers.

We’re not sure if this event marks the first night vision UFO skywatch in Facebook Live history, however it is the only event of its kind that appears in today’s search of the site. Independent third-party time stamps show this reporter broadcast the first live UFO night vision skywatch over YouTube via Google Hangouts and imaged the first live UFO over YouTube using the same system in 2013.

Click Here to watch last night’s original archive at 1:49:50.

If this latest video proves to be the first to show a UFO broadcast over Facebook Live that would represent a practical historic first for Contact and Disclosure in the online social media era. NewsInsideOut will continue to develop broadcast resources including Facebook Live and other social media in support of our journalistic mission.

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