Justin Trudeau’s Secret Messages: Protecting Suspect Canadian National Security Intelligence Front SNC-Lavalin

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on March 4, 2019, documents findings from a special NewsInsideOut.com anti-corruption investigation into the latest SNC-Lavalin maelstrom now threatening to consume the political reputation of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Granular audio analysis of the Liberal Party leader’s statements denying political interference appears to describe Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin Group, Inc., as a national intelligence front engaged in global PSYOPS activities on behalf of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The findings further show PM’s unconscious conception of possible related secret financial records controlled by an embedded officer in a “shadow” institution. The specter of such vast governmental industry collusion arises in sleep talking-like remarks wherein PM is shown invoking a “ghost [operative]”, “ciphers”, a “spy” and a “secret purser”.

On January 14, 2019, Canadian Attorney General and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould was removed from her role during a cabinet shuffle and transferred to Veterans Affairs. On February 7, 2019, The Globe and Mail reported Prime Minister’s Office officials “pressured Wilson-Raybould to intervene in the Public Prosecution Service of Canada’s (PPSC) handling of fraud and corruption charges against the Montreal engineering and construction firm, relating to business dealings in Libya between 2001 and 2011.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has since denied allegations of political interference in this matter and these continuous denials before the press form the basis of NewsInsideOut.com’s anti-corruption investigation.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin Group, Inc., reportedly faces “charges of fraud and corruption in connection with nearly $48 million in payments made to Libyan government officials between 2001 and 2011.” A 2013 CBC report detailed how one division of the scandal-plagued engineering giant “used a secret internal accounting code [read: Cipher] that former employees say was for bribes on projects across Africa and Asia.”

A 2016 CBC report states SNC-Lavalin “paid a secret Caribbean-registered company to intercede on its behalf to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in business in Algeria, the Panama Papers show, in a similar pattern to how the engineering giant operated in Libya.” The ubiquitous multinational and its apparent subsidiaries are also named over 200 times on a current World Bank blacklist of business entities cited for fraud and corruption.

The role of bribery as an element of contemporary western spycraft’s core doctrine is highlighted by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s so-named “father of Central Intelligence” William J. Donovan who explained how to use bribery and blackmail to destroy enemies and influence people in a 1943 Office of Strategic Services (OSS) “Morale Operations [read: PSYOPS] Field Manual”. According to non-profit news watchdog MuckRock the highly sensitive provisional manual’s suggestions included “using bribes to cause riots, trigger coups, and getting people hooked on drugs in order to bribe them with more.”

The Canadian CIA (CSIS)’s close proximity to such doctrine is embodied in the case of the late Arthur Porter, former head of the CSIS watchdog Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee (CSIRC), who according to the Montreal Gazette died in 2015 while being held in a Panamanian jail during an extradition process while facing charges that included accepting bribes in a in a $22M kick-back scheme tied to a $1.3B Montreal mega-hospital project at McGill University.

According to the Canadian Television Network (CTV) News his role as chair of CSIRC allowed the accused privileged access to “some of the most sensitive files held by Canada’s spy service.” As a historical footnote McGill is also the storied site of Canada’s criminal MKULTRA frankenscience CIA collusion program that informed torture doctrine found in the CIA KUBARK manual and whose legacy continues in the present day so-called War on Terror. Those facts are detailed in a report by the campus student paper The McGill Daily.

The following are partial transcripts of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s denials of political interference sorted in chronological order, sourced from the Canadian Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)’s ongoing coverage and curation of what it calls the SNC-Lavalin Affair. Multidimensional speech messages are indicated in bold followed by the context in which they were discovered. Granular audio methods are discussed later in this article.

February 7, 2019

Their ghost: The allegations reported in the story are false. At no time did I or my office direct the current or previous attorney general to make any particular decision in this matter. As I’ve said, at no time did we direct the attorney general, current or previous, to take any decision whatsoever in this matter.

February 11, 2019

Ciphers: The issue of solicitor-client privilege is not a simple one. And that is why I have asked Minister [David] Lametti, the attorney general and minister of justice to look into the matter of solicitor-client privilege in this situation and get back to me with recommendations.

Assert I’m now a liar: I told her directly that any decisions on matters involving the director of public prosecutions were hers alone. I respect her view that due to privilege she cannot comment or add on matters recently before the media. And I also highlight that we’re bound by cabinet confidentiality. In our system of government of course her presence in cabinet should actually speak for itself.

February 20, 2019

Sue her: I think we have a number of things going on. There’s the ex-commissioner who is doing an investigation into this issue, the parliamentary committee. She’s with it. We’ll be hearing from her. We’ll be hearing from experts. We’ll be hearing from a range of people. It will make the determination as to who it needs to hear from. But I think it is important that there be an airing on this situation at the same time as we continue to work on a broad range of big issues that matter.

February 26, 2019

Hush that secret purser. Gift now. You hush them. Embassy lie: It’s important that people get an opportunity to testify or show their point of view at committee. As we said waiving the privilege, waiving cabinet confidentiality is something that we had to take very seriously. But I’m pleased that Ms. Wilson-Raybould will be able to share.

February 28, 2019

Spy: Canadians expect their government to look for ways to protect jobs, to grow the economy. And that’s exactly what we’ve done every step of the way. We’ve also done it in a way that has respected our laws and respected the independence of the judiciary. Of that there actually is no doubt. There are disagreements in perspective on this but I can reassure Canadians that we were doing our job and doing it in a way that respects and defends our institutions.

A shadow: While political parties and various people are making or trying to draw a lot of attention to this issue there is a process both at the justice committee and indeed at the ethics commissioner that will make a determination on what actually happened here. So Canadians can be reassured that our institutions continue to function, that our governments function in accordance with the rule of law and that we continue to stay focused on the things that really matter to Canadians.


Research that exposed human speech as a “multidimensional stimulus” with “numerous ways you can extract a message from it” was reported in the scientific journal Nature in 1999. In that report human observers were described as competent in resolving words while listening to highly-distorted speech recording samples. The procedure followed by scientists at Cal State involved digitally sampling recordings of human speech where samples were then reduced to grains of @50ms in duration.

Those grains were then locally time-reversed and globally resequenced in an attempt to emulate conditions found in voice-over-digital-network transmission (now commonly referred to as VoIP telephony). This methodology parallels techniques commonly used in biosciences where the nucleotides (grains) of a DNA molecule (sample) are resequenced in attempts to express novel characteristics of existing organisms (or to synthesize entirely new organisms from existing genetic materials).

For every set of discrete items the number of possible permutations of its order or sequence can be determined by using what is known as the factorial function (n!) where for example 3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6. In terms of granular speech synthesis the number of 50ms grains can be substantial, leading to what mathematicians call large numbers. For example, calculating the number of possible permutations of a set of 21 50ms grains by factorial function can be said to result in approximately 51 sextillion different sequences (5.1090942e+19).

However, for every set of discrete items (no matter how many), it can also be said that one possible permutation will always reflect the mirror or reverse order of the original sequence. In such a way (1, 2, 3) is newly rendered as (3, 2, 1). This understanding offers a shortcut of which common knowledge within the scientific and engineering communities is indicated by the inclusion of reverse macro functions in widely-used digital audio workstation (DAW) software applications and hardware. Investigators following the sampling, granular time-reversing and resequencing procedure modeled by scientists studying human speech intelligibility at Cal State can bypass untold iterations and simply monitor audio playback in reverse or mirror order with one click of a cursor.

From this reporter’s perspective the most important reason for bypassing myriad alternative sequence iterations is founded upon empirical evidence of practical intelligence discovered encrypted backwards in human speech. In the public domain this intelligence has offered preemptive understanding of facts concerning the Iraq War, the identity of one serial killer, the identity of a Russian spy and the resurrection of a CIA assassination program all named in broadcast media and online publications sometimes years before they were substantiated by mainstream news reports. Some of these reports are detailed in links provided below.

However, within modern society there remain numerous deeply ingrained superstitious implications of such encrypted multidimensional speech phenomena. These perceptions can be said founded upon dogmatic unscientific belief in fictitious untestable unproven entities and their supposed influences upon human behavior. Proponents of such scandalous misconceptions would stir the public to reject any suggestion of a time wheel’s (Sanskrit “Kalachakra”) bi-directional rotation, for instance. It is this type of Luddite perspective that would discourage the use of an automobile transmission’s reverse gear, compelling motorists to circumnavigate the globe instead of simply backing into a parking spot.

Therefore, only those capable of rejecting medieval injunctions against widdershins procession can embrace the type of volatile materials revealed through such a path of auditory inquiry. To quote one prominent Seattle psychologist this extremely psychoactive procedure and its findings are “not for beginners”.

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DisclosureGate: Activist cites ethical breaches, cover-up, withdraws Petition/CHD support

By Jon Kelly


Vancouver, B.C. – An exclusive interview posted to YouTube on February 6, 2015, offers rare behind-the-scenes insights into the hidden nature of a domestic cottage UFO Disclosure industry from the perspective of a Danish activist who put the Disclosure Petition VII on the Rolling Stone website. Former founder and Project Coordinator of the now-defunct #Artists for #Disclosure Thomas Kortholm spoke at length of a DisclosureGate with perceived ethical breaches from within the community supporting Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett and how notice of errant Petition links blamed on a “possible hack” was struck from the “official” PRG Updates archive.

During the interview Thomas Kortholm emphasized repeatedly how at least one as-yet-unnamed highly-placed individual operating from within the Disclosure community boasted of committing multiple signatures effectively undermining the Petition’s integrity. That same party allegedly encouraged others to participate in generating fraudulent multiple Petition submissions as a means of achieving the required 100,000 signature quota without actually enrolling an equivalent number of public supporters. The Petition was in fact reportedly subject to nearly 1,000 fraudulent signatures during the course of its run. Many of those entries were provided by one E.T. from New York as shown in this video.

Reported PRG fundraising head Elizabeth Trutwin of Disclosure.media is named in Facebook Chat transcripts leaked by the volunteer Citizen Hearing on Disclosure translator in which she is portrayed insinuating attacks against Stephen Bassett and the presence of “idiots spreading rumors and hurting the movement” during dialogues with the Vejle, Denmark-based activist. The Disclosure Lobby creator is further revealed requesting an audit of Thomas Kortholm’s influence on fundraising, described in the interview as indicative of the lobby’s commercial, not Truth-inspired priorities.

The 46-year old husband and father would speak out over concerns that Stephen Bassett claimed a link to the White House/We the People-hosted petition technically malfunctioned over a two-day period when third-party documentation from ReverbNation showed advertising pointing to the same online location continued to function normally. Through his diagnosis of the supposedly broken link, Thomas Kortholm was able to determine that a simple typing error in which “q” was replaced with “g” was to blame. His greatest concern (revealed in transcripts shown to this reporter) was that the White House would disown the Petition on grounds of irregularity if Stephen Bassett persisted in requesting an extension citing 48 hours of fictitious link downtime based on typo-derived evidence alone.

The transcripts also show Stephen Bassett encouraging Thomas Kortholm to participate in media interviews and their engagement over the widely-propagated broken link claims along with the director’s response. According to these documents, the typo hypothesis and recourse to admission of fat-finger error were given little to no consideration while the Danish activist stood accused of “making a MOUNTAIN out of a Mole Hill,” as well as “gossiping and spreading rumors,” by the dismissive Elizabeth Trutwin.

The sum of Thomas Kortholm’s testimony adds up to define a scandal within the Politics of Disclosure. Leveraging only good will and strategic marketing tools available through online music and advertising distribution networks, the contactee videographer led a zero-budget activist campaign that (according to evident independent third-party documentation) put UFO Disclosure on the front pages of websites such as VH-1, MTV, IMDb, Billboard, Spin, Vibe and more. Documentation from independent third-party audits demonstrates the existence of advertising records which can be subpoenaed from ReverbNation’s servers to be examined for veracity by any court of law.

There is a substantial population aware of Disclosure initiatives and within that community Thomas Kortholm’s experience represents one story out of potentially millions. However, his citations of apparent institutional corruption based upon first-hand experience and documented with records that also reside on the servers of Facebook and other online platforms raises the red flag to such an extent that the former supporter now encourages the public to cease financing PRG-led disclosure initiatives. He has also withdrawn his Danish translation work for Citizen Hearing on Disclosure citing breach of agreement.

All of this may simply be the result of misunderstandings and as Thomas Kortholm readily admits, he may be entirely wrong in his interpretation of events. In a hypothetical parallel universe this may be true but in this world of finite resources it seems unethical to consider further promoting and financing such apparent incompetence, mismanagement and misdirected initiatives. America may be first on many fronts of innovation but given the present team’s seemingly dismal performance E.T. Disclosure in our lifetimes may be a jewel that escapes the grasp of such craven fingers.

Exhibits A through I

Updated February 7, 2015: Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett responds via personal Facebook page, then deletes post. States Kortholm claims are “bullshit,” Kelly a “wannabe muckraker journalist” “attacking PRG for years.” 

Stephen Bassett Responds to Thomas Kortholm

Updated February 8, 2015: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Producer Reuben Langdon states “DVDs that went to Congress were illegally created,” “legal action has been taken.”

CHD Producer Reuben Langdon States Congress DVDs Were Created Illegally

Updated February 8, 2015: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Funder Tom Clearwater submits official response to NewsInsideOut.com request for comment.

“I am unsurprised that some or another or even any disclosure initiative, here the subject Petition, might reveal what might appear to be anomalies tending the direction of undercutting or intending to undercut the credibility of those involved in the Disclosure field. The ET/UFO field is a realm of concern that concentrates and focuses numerous, including in my opinion the most, powerful societal interests many of which directly clash with each other and each’s stated and, where applicable, unnamed objectives. This, for me, including any prattling about anomalies claimed to be definitively this or that respecting some or another person or persons in that field, seems to me an expected phenomenon. In fact, I’d be genuinely surprised by the absence of such.

“Speaking of clashing interests, Mr. Webre has clashed personally with Mr. Bassett in a series of stinging, unresolved incidents over the Citizen Hearing, from which if I recall correctly Mr. Webre feels he was turfed, if I can put it that way. Further to this, one could suggest that such fallings-out have by now formed what appears to be a pattern in Mr. Webre’s life. Suffice it to say for all these reasons I’m unsurprised Mr. Webre’s website is generating this story.”

[As a matter of clarification, Chat archives residing on Facebook’s servers demonstrate how NewsInsideOut.com columnist Jon Kelly was approached by DisclosureGate whistleblower Thomas Kortholm, not that NewsInsideOut.com acted in any way to “generate a story” as suggested in Tom Clearwater’s response above. NewsInsideOut.com’s favorable initial coverage of #Artists for #Disclosure emphasized “the most personal issues of contact along with its ethical and spiritual implications.” The activities of Stephen Bassett have been subject to prior investigations by journalists including Alfred Webre, whose findings demonstrated unethical professional and financial dealings on the part of the PRG director. See: DisclosureGate: Former Congress members bribed over Cheney’s secret Mars program]

Updated February 9, 2015: Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett continues to claim “the petition site itself was down for three days” after receiving public notice of independent audit by third-party ReverbNation showing evidence to the contrary. Who is telling the truth?

Stephen Bassett claims "petition site itself was down for three days"

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