Syrian Refugees: Assad involuntarily cites ‘threatening prophecy’

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on September 16, 2015, purports to reveal how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently recalled negotiations and an offer not unlike one reported issued by the U.S. government to the Taliban during talks concerning Syrian refugees. The death of Aylan Kurdi, like the “Nayirah” incident preceding the Gulf War, has now become iconic in Western media propagandizing a refugee crisis impacting countries in Europe with populations scheduled for admission to both the United States and Canada. As if reflecting such concerns, the video exposes unconscious communications about “death,” a “dark symbol” and a “threatening prophecy.”

The commander-in-chief of Syrian Armed Forces sat down earlier with RT along with other key Russian media for an interview published yesterday where he spoke at length on political progress, the crisis in Syria, its allies and the war on terrorism. An intelligence assessment of that interview’s soundtrack utilized a mirror filter to digitally reflect the Ba’ath Party general secretary’s speech signal in order to detect unconscious communications.

Like the mirror on a reflector telescope, such impressions offer provably accurate insight into a streaming subtext of sleep talking-like comments from inner space. has previously reported how the same procedure publicly revealed details of the Iraq War, identified the BTK Killer, named Russian spy Anna Chapman’s accomplice and uncovered the UFOs in Edward Snowden’s NSA cache weeks, months and years before such information became widely-accepted public knowledge. Below is a partial transcript of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s remarks on the refugee crisis followed by the secret message encrypted backwards therein.

PRESIDENT ASSAD: Actually it’s like the West now is crying on the refugees with one eye and aiming at them with a machine gun with the second one. Because actually those refugees left Syria because of the terrorism. Mainly because of the terrorists, because of the killing.

And second because of the result of terrorism. When you have terrorism and have the destruction of the infrastructure you won’t have the basic needs of living. Many people will leave because of the terrorism and because they want to earn their living somewhere in this world.

The West is crying for them and the West is supporting terrorists in the beginning of this crisis, saying it was “A peaceful uprising,” they called it. When they say later, “It’s moderate opposition.” And now they say “There’s terrorists,” like Al-Nusra and ISIS but because of the Syrian state or Syrian regime or the Syrian president.

As long as they follow this propaganda they will have more refugees. It’s not about Europe didn’t accept them or invite them as refugees. It’s about not dealing with the cause.

If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees.

See that death. Know this dark symbol. And you give him this threatening prophecy.

The death of Aylan Kurdi, the exploitation of human suffering (whether real or imagined) as a tool for propaganda and a looming invasion of Syria by the West following failed diplomatic efforts are clearly invoked above.

The British Daily Express newspaper reported last week how the father of Aylan, Abdullah Kurdi, was allegedly engaged in human trafficking as the captain of the boat that capsized in the Aegean Sea on September 2, killing at least 12 people. France’s Le Monde published allegations that Aylan’s body had been moved on the beach prior to recovery for enhanced optics that ignited a firestorm of sympathy around the world.

The family was said to have been attempting to reach Vancouver, British Columbia and the tragedy quickly became a focus of the 2015 Canadian federal election. It was Green Party leader Elizabeth May who posted how Prime Minister “Stephen Harper has absolutely no credibility on this issue, having failed to honor previous agreements.”

The global impact of the death of Aylan Kurdi is comparable to the influential “Nayirah” incident prior to the Gulf War (1990-91) where a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl told a United Nations caucus that Iraqi soldiers had removed scores of babies from incubators and left them to die. An editorial that appeared in the New York Times following the war clarified how “The girl, whose testimony helped build support for the Persian Gulf War, was identified only as “Nayirah,” supposedly to protect family members still in Kuwait. Another piece of information was also withheld: that she is not just some Kuwaiti but the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S.”

That testimony was exploited heavily in swaying public sentiment against Iraq leading to a U.S. –led Coalition invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent slaughter of an estimated 20 to 30 thousand Iraqi personnel. Claims of human child sacrifice were exploited as a “dark symbol” ritually espoused via media to incite public hysteria mobilizing for war (PSYOPS). The fact that those claims proved fraudulent did not prevent Gulf War Syndrome and the decimation of Iraq’s environment leading to the genetic deformation of infants, both of which have been attributed to the Coalition’s intensive use of depleted uranium munitions both during and after the conflict.

A looming invasion of Syria is targeted by the West, that country being named by the extremist neoconservative Project for a New American Century in 2000 as a stepping stone towards assaulting Iran. Readers can see the complete text of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” here.

The Guardian newspaper reported yesterday that British extremist think tank the International Institute for Strategic Studies has also assessed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “poses a much bigger threat than Islamic State.”

In negotiations leading to the U.S.-led Coalition invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (2001-2014), French intelligence analyst and author Jean-Charles Brisard is said by Inter Press Agency to have related an incident wherein the Taliban were instructed by a Bush administration representative that “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.”

This reporter can only wonder if such a deal was also tabled before President Assad, inspiring his conceit of a “threatening prophesy” revealed in the transcript and video above.

[Editor’s Note: This article offers expert analysis of comments from President Bashar al-Assad concerning the Syrian refugee crisis. For informed discussion of “Bashar” as channeled by singer/songwriter Paul Anka’s cousin Darryl, please see this article on Skeptoid.]

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Ricky Dearman’s ‘Exorcist’-like ‘Satanic Verses’ in BBC Hampstead child sexual abuse interview

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video published to YouTube on April 22, 2015, purports to reveal how British actor Ricky Dearman’s unwitting utterance of a satanic verse written in the Bible forms a profoundly disturbing connection to a case involving claims of horrific institutionalized child abuse. “Ricky Dearman’s Satanic Verses” investigates a besieged father responding to allegations he leads a North London-based satanic cult focused on ritual murder, pedophilia and human trafficking. A new message stating “Satan” is located “on the Earth” emerges from within a digital voice sample inviting comparison with a passage from the biblical Job. Today’s publication furthers arguments presented by concerning this explosive case previously highlighted on Facebook and YouTube.

The manner in which the unconscious broadcast disclosure unfolds is reminiscent of the William Friedkin 1973 adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s “The Exorcist,” a supernatural horror film in which a demon-possessed youth speaks backwards. Evidence reveals mirror filtering of audio soundtracks allows a person’s unconscious, sleep talking-like voice to emerge from within a recording to reveal deeper truths.

“Ricky Dearman’s Satanic Verses” subjects Ricky Dearman’s April 20, 2015, BBC interview to lossless digital mirror filtering whereby portions of the audio reveal apparently intelligible phrases encrypted backwards within his speech. In an era when scientists have discovered a second code hiding within DNA it is a matter of public record that this innovative analytic procedure (popularized through late-night talk radio during the 1990s) has revealed the signatures of unconscious sleep talking-like communications disclosing verifiably factual information characterized by precision that anticipated details of the Iraq War, identified the BTK Killer, named Russian spy Anna Chapman’s accomplice and disclosed Edward Snowden’s UFOs. A partial transcript appears below identifying the message encrypted therein.

Satan’s life on Earth: Killing: “I think very much so. One video in the first ten days. Nearly 300,000 views. One video. There’s now hundreds of them all over.”

According to an online version of the New King James Version of the Bible, the Book of Job locates “Satan” “on the Earth.” Job has been cited as the oldest biblical text praised as “the greatest poem of ancient and modern times,” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 19th century Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland.

Job 1:6-7 New King James Version (NKJV) states:

6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan[a] also came among them. 7 And the Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?”

So Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”

The “wandering assassin” motif emblazoned upon the mirror-reflected BBC recording fuels further speculation and anticipation pending appeals of the case, dismissed last month by Mrs. Justice Pauffley of the British High Court.

Narrative storytelling embraces the notion that correlation implies causality. Yale Professor Edward Tufte suggests that correlation offers scientific “hints” to causation. This message calls out in a way that could signify further evidence overlooked in the Court’s decision. had published the document “Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s, Emails” while urging members of the public to “to demand action to prosecute all named participating criminal ritual sacrifice network members and facilitators in police, social services and elsewhere.”

The fortuitous research at an intersection between worlds of ideas suggested by the findings invites deeper and continued exploration into the role of sound and its influence upon consciousness. A comparative study has revealed parallels between a high-profile murder suspect and the identifying “demonic possession” marker that the “BTK Killer” later spoke of on-camera, attesting to his being “possessed by a demon.”

This evidence furthermore substantiates earlier reporting including specifically enumerated, detailed and corroborated eye witness testimony. The father of pedophile whistleblowers Alissa and Gabriel told BBC host Victoria Derbyshire how their video statements exposing child sexual abuse had received hundreds of thousands of views online during an interview that aired earlier this week.

In a related case, a Bristol paedophile gang was convicted on conspiracy charges of raping and abusing babies, toddlers and children under five in attacks that were then streamed on the internet for other paedophile to watch, states a report in today’s Telegraph. Members were described as “”incredibly skilled” at grooming victims’ families, even striking up relationships with pregnant women to abuse their babies.”

The video also discusses the role played by BBC in covering up and facilitating more than 40 years of predation by Jimmy Savile resulting in an estimated 1,000 victims. The Guardian had reported, “Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac), which has been consulted by Smith’s inquiry, said: “In Savile’s lifetime I wouldn’t doubt [that 1,000 people had been abused by him on BBC property]. The other thing I have found extraordinary, and very sad, is the number of people I have spoken to connected to the BBC, and that is a lot of people, who said: ‘Oh yes, we all knew about him.’”

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