Alleged NYPD shooter uttered police death threat six days prior

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video posted to YouTube purports to reveal how a man identified in the Saturday shooting deaths of two NYPD officers stated his intent to kill police days earlier. Audio from a video reportedly posted on December 14 to the now defunct Facebook page of Ismaaiyl Brinsley evidently contains an encrypted death threat. Played through a mirror filter the 28-year old’s voice can be heard pronouncing a phrase that sounds like “Kill those pig with gun.” Another person in the car follows in stating “Suicide gets you,” anticipating tragic events that occurred six days later.

Witnesses claim they saw a lone gunman approach a patrol car in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood on Saturday, December 20, before 3:00 p.m. local time where he was said to have opened fire on two New York City police officers who struggled to exit the vehicle. The shooter then fled south on Tompkins where he took his life on a subway platform. A police investigator says it was at this location where Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot himself in the head. The incident follows in the wake of two high-profile killings by police involving African-American men in Ferguson and Staten Island.

The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have been the focus of widespread national public protests after two grand juries refused to issue indictments against the officers involved. Both cases play heavily on public sentiments concerning ongoing police brutality, racial profiling and unmet justice for communities of stakeholders. The choking death of Eric Garner was captured on video by bystanders who published the viral document online.

Highly inflammatory Instagram postings attributed to Ismaaiyl Brinsley are now receiving widespread circulation through mainstream media. What social engineering forces may be at play remain obscure however this visible escalation of violence is certain to intensify animosity between police forces and the public, leading to further incidents of greater social chaos during a season that attempts to emphasize solidarity within communities and good will for all.

The alleged shooter’s unconscious anticipation of Saturday’s events and the collective foresight through which his reported suicide was uttered offer forensic clues to premeditated actions known to multiple parties. The following analysis relies upon applied phenomena of reflection mirroring audio from the taxi ride video across the soundtrack timeline on a digital audio workstation.

The effectiveness of this procedure has been publicly demonstrated in applications where military and forensic-grade intelligence concerning events of the Iraq War, identification of the BTK Killer and UFOs in Edward Snowden’s NSA data cache was released prior to widespread acceptance as matters of public record. The partial transcript below reflects the spoken comments of Ismaaiyl Brinsley and his companion during the December, 14, 2014, cab ride and the encrypted messages detected therein.

Kill those pig with gun: “Hey Mack. My dude can you drive, like, like come on, man. Tripping man.”

Suicide gets you: “Africans don’t respect us ‘cause we American. Same, we don’t respect us. I don’t respect them.”

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