Venus and Jupiter conjunction: Seeing isn’t believing nature’s inherent illusions

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video published to YouTube on July 1, 2015, reveals the planetary conjunction between Venus and Jupiter as seen in the western sky over Vancouver at 10:00 p.m. PST on the evening of June 30. Conjunctions between planets are relative phenomena of perception in which the viewer observes an apparent interception of objects occurring at the same celestial longitude. Jupiter, the larger of the two planets (by a factor of nearly 12x) also appears smaller than its collaborator. Planetary conjunctions offer teachable moments where conditions in the night sky are not what they seem (nor like what populations are indoctrinated to believe).

The ever-pending-cataclysm inundated may be surprised to read of how in spite of appearances, the two planets are not actually on a collision course. They occupy positions 670 million kilometers or more apart yet due to celestial mechanics their relative orbits manifest near-linear alignments when seen from Earth. This arrangement can suggest a form of order (however temporary) arising from the chaos of cosmic uncertainty, dogma, superstition and disinformation.

The search for meaning in celestial alignments reportedly informed ancient architecture at the earliest observatories marking the passage of time in the occurrence of equinoxes and their associated changes of seasons. In the material sense, this information coordinated agricultural populations with planting and harvesting opportunities. It also furthered understanding of the migratory behaviors of wild animals.

Modern humans seek to divine a similar understanding of finance and industry through the face of a timepiece and display on a smartphone. However, today’s Internet-connected smartphone offers more media and philosophical context for culturally-significant events than any high priest’s grimoire or almanac, rivaling the visions of cave-entranced shamans in their psychoactive complexities.

What those medicine people of the past sought through spiritual rigor was penetration into absolute reality beyond the oscillations of time and its attendant temporary conditions. They sensed the apparent deceptiveness of a world in which distant objects are made to appear in near-collision while those larger are seemingly diminished in the face of their brighter, smaller counterparts. These fun-house mirror-like constructs occurring within the environment suggested nature’s inherent disinformation agenda (Sanskrit: Avidya Maya) as an agent in perpetuation of an illusion-principled relative existence.

The appearance of planets on a collision course distorted in their relative sizes exists as a temporal artifact. Circumstantial appearances tell us more concerning the passage of time than they do of absolute realities. Transpose such understanding into the criminally-distorted spheres of politics and media to seek connection with reality beyond mass-induced PTSD, ADHD and other imposed inferior complexes of modern living. Start by looking within.

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