MUFON Targeted Summer Camp School Kids After Jan Harzan Rejected Call for U.S. Educational Standards Compliance

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on August 9, 2020, offers viewers one insider’s account of a 2018 meeting held during that year’s International UFO Congress (IUFOC) in Phoenix, Arizona, where alleged pedophile Jan Harzan is said to have rejected compliance with U.S. educational standards as a requirement for Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) national infotainment programming targeting primary school-aged children. Semi-retired U.S. educator Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross spoke earlier this week with Jon Kelly in a two-hour interview for TrueTube News explaining how the former Executive Director’s dismissive posture red-flagged MUFON as an ambiguous player in the trafficking of children to symposiums at U.S. hotels and resorts.

In an August 3, 2020, post to Facebook titled “TEAR IT DOWN AND START OVER: NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT TO REFORM UFOLOGY” Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross wrote “In February 2018, I presented at the IUFOC in Phoenix, AZ. Immediately after my PowerPoint presentation, I was approached by members of MUFON, who were also attending IUFOC. They requested that I meet with them later that day, along with MUFON’s Executive Director, Jan Harzan. As a group, we would discuss ways that MUFON could use education to increase membership in their organization. As a seasoned educator and curriculum specialist, I met with them and offered my recommendations. MUFON desperately wanted to attract younger members.”

In previous correspondence with this reporter Dr. Gross has emphasized that “Getting students involved with MUFON was NOT a secret. I know I wasn’t the only person who was aware of MUFON’s plans. Everybody who attended the meeting in Phoenix in 2018 had input on how to grow MUFON via educating school-aged students.”

During his exclusive TrueTube News interview Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross explained how the 2018 backroom IUFOC meeting with prominent MUFON figures including Jan Harzan unfolded. “They asked me to present what I think needs to be done if they want to go into an educational approach to MUFON and attract school students at a younger age. So I told them if I was doing this and I was serious about it I would develop content standards and try to align them with national science standards and things like that. Then I’d create curriculums and then someone like me or someone else could teach your individual MUFON members that have some kind of background in that how to teach that.

“So I presented it and everyone listened. And then Jan said he wasn’t interested in putting that much time or effort into doing something like that.”

In an apparent IUFOC meeting attendee follow-up email dated July 9, 2018, (whose distribution list names “TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton” Producer Jennifer Stein, MUFON Publicity Rep Bambi Dudley, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University at Albany (SUNY) Dr. Kevin Knuth and Dr. Gross) Phoenix Lights author Dr. Lynne Kitei issued a dramatic call.

“Appreciate you writing up something to assist us in our effort to inspire young people to attend the free events Bob. Terrific! In the meantime Jennifer, thought it might be helpful to contact CAMPS around Philly & NJ, who might want to bring their campers to either the FREE Lectures, Films or both. Just an idea. Can’t hurt to contact them, as that’s where most of the kids in town are right now and they’re always looking for fun activities,” the email explained.

From Dr. Gross’ perspective foreseeable child negligence issues surrounding these initiatives were further amplified by sickening news of the retired IBM senior project executive Jan Harzan’s July arrest on charges of soliciting a minor, what the former Penn State music instructor describes as the “Last straw”. In a July 14, 2020, post to Facebook Huntington Beach Police explained “On July 3, detectives contacted a male by the name of Jan Harzan after Harzan solicited sexual activity from a detective he believed was a 13 year old girl. The suspect solicited the minor to meet for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity, and when the suspect agreed to meet the supposed minor, detectives were there to take him into custody.”

In their response to Jan Harzan’s arrest MUFON terminated his directorship replacing him with Flamingo Air sex tourism proprietor David MacDonald (as profiled by Vice where the article’s homophonic headline alludes to the new executive director’s reputation for facilitating bestiality).

According to Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross “They [MUFON] almost have to shut that place down and take a look at what might be going on. Even though I don’t have any evidence necessarily that something really terrible was going on I think they really need to say “Stop the works here and let’s take a look at what could be going on in our organization.””

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Live UFO contact night vision skywatch in Vancouver with Jon Kelly

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video published to YouTube on June 29, 2015, features Emotional Alchemist Laurie Morningstar discussing a live UFO Contact night vision skywatch event taking place in Greater Vancouver this summer.’s Jon Kelly will lead “Journey to Inner Space 2015,” a two-hour in-depth presentation covering his latest data and insights followed by a night vision skywatch at a secluded labyrinth on July 15, 2015. Jon Kelly’s UFO field research was featured in the June 2015 edition of Japan’s Anemone magazine.

The Morningstar Transformations website invites participants to “Take a Journey to Inner Space this summer. Discover new frontiers of human potential and adventure in this exclusive evening. Learn secrets of unconscious communications that anticipated events of the Iraq War. See photographic portraits of the Sanskrit avatars of Viṣṇu in breath condensation during meditation. Experience contact with UFOs in a night vision skywatch. If you’ve read “Hidden Messages in Water” and “Autobiography of a Yogi,” or watched “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” you will not want to miss this next-level event!”

Jon Kelly Anemone Japan for June 2015

Jon Kelly’s internationally acclaimed body of original independent research covers communications phenomena of the unconscious mind, classical yoga meditation, photographic portraiture of the Vedic avatars of Vishnu, two-way visual communications with UFOs captured on tape and the inner dimensions of ET Contact. A pioneer in the application of 3CCD broadcast video and digital night vision camera systems, Jon Kelly has been active as a UFO journalist since 2009 with articles covered by mainstream publications including USA Today, Irish Independent and the Dallas Morning News. His career in broadcasting and investigative journalism began ten years earlier in a very popular role that resulted in number one Nielsen-ranked television news for CBS in 2006.

“Journey to Inner Space 2015,” a UFO Contact night vision skywatch event with former CBS Radio feature producer Jon Kelly takes place July 15, 2015, from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. Admission is $20 cash only at the door. For more information and directions to this exclusive event readers can call 604-531-5156 or visit the Morningstar Transformations website (

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Spring UFO contact road trip tested camera operator nerves, reinforced time-tested methods

Spring into Contact: UFO class answers call to inner spirit of adventure


Spring into Contact: UFO class answers call to inner spirit of adventure

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, B.C. – An exclusive class preview published to YouTube offers viewers exclusive insight into an online class that seeks in part to answer questions concerning how the public can navigate extensive state-implemented social, cultural and political chasms surrounding UFO and ET contact-related issues. Emphasizing entry-level perspectives, “UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners” investigates topics including disclosure, communications (along with accompanying psychic dimensions) and night vision equipment while providing access to stunning never-before-seen UFO videos acquired through an independent multi-year study in British Columbia and Washington state.

A March 2015 “Spring into Contact” program (see below) lowers the bar to entry for students preparing to make UFO contact in 2015. Participants have weighed in with their feedback citing it as “informative, riveting and educational.” Independent film producer Suzanne Taylor (“What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery” (2011)) said “This is an online class to be a UFO investigator, by Jon Kelly, who knows his stuff. You can pick it up at any time. All reports on it are equally enthusiastic!”

Night vision UFO investigator Jyl Kyng wrote “Thanks so much for creating this class Jon! The information in your premier video was excellent and I highly recommend this online class for anyone just getting started in sky watching using their first night vision camera. I would never have been able to do it without your years of experience and knowledge in night vision equipment/sky watching. There truly is as much to see in the sky as there are orbs floating around you at night!”

Photographer Hanna Bouchard stated “I recommend “UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners” as an informative, riveting and educational online class. My friend Jon Kelly demonstrates phenomenal expertise along with deep knowledge of this subject. By participating I learned how to use my night vision camera plus much more!”

While the 82-minute course of instruction may be intended for beginners, “UFOs and You” pulls no punches in defining today’s medieval witch hunt-like anti-conspiracy climate. The class cites numerous examples of an establishment that too easily squanders moral capital in defense of CIA Robertson Panel-inspired agendas (ones that actually anticipate the proliferation of widespread sightings with subsequent mass popular backlash against official policies of deceit).

As a refreshing spring respite from the woefully naive this online educational offering is not afraid to engage with failings of reality television’s attempts at UFO journalism. According to “UFOs and You,” the genre (ostensibly in representation of “we the people”) seeks to further glamorize what critics characterize as out-of-control media militarization by compelling pseudo-UFO investigators in at least one instance to breach perimeters on clearly-defined secure facilities (such as Nevada’s Area 51). Clearly this was an act where no possibility of achieving any positive constructive outcome existed whatsoever.

In terms of what viewers may have been conditioned (read brainwashed) to expect as light entertainment, “UFOs and You” is geared towards audiences called to answer to their own inner spirit of adventure. The included night vision and all-sky video outtakes leap directly into the front lines of contemporary contact encounters through the lens of an independent researcher. Although taped live near the site of Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 flying saucers incident, this class definitely doesn’t take a page from your grandmother’s school of UFO education (unless her name happened to be Mae Brussell).

Spring into Contact: Click here ($) to save up to 60% off of regular class fees through March 31, 2015. “UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners” is available as streaming on-demand 720p HD video 24 hours a day. Online classes offer convenient scheduling and can be taken from any location with an internet connection using a variety of devices including personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

Along with the free YouTube preview there is a Facebook group for students to further explore and discuss issues raised in class. One of the values emphasized in “UFOs and You” is the power of the collective to mitigate circumstantial social, cultural, political and internal pressures that accompany journeys undertaken beyond the edge of present human knowledge and experience. At the same time, this class also recognizes the power of the individual to get up off the couch (newly-acquired night vision camera in hand) to start discovering and sharing in a real world beyond the shadows of controlled media-spawned alien illusions.

Patreon Sponsorship for Alternative Education: Click here to watch “UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners Class Preview” via Patreon, the site that helps Patrons “support and engage with the creators you love.” “Class is now in session! Whether you’re considering purchasing night vision optics or simply interested in what’s happening in the world of UFOs, Exopolitics, Contact and Disclosure, Jon Kelly can be your ultimate insider offering exclusive front-line access to one of today’s hottest issues!

“Recorded live at the ECETI Ranch (near the site of Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 “flying saucers” incident) this introductory class provides essential insights into Disclosure, UFO Communications, Psychic Dimensions of Contact and Night Vision Equipment! You will receive 82 minutes of hands-on instruction from a prominent international UFO video journalist and optics consultant! Plus see previously-unpublished footage from a multi-year independent study on the front lines of Contact in stunning night vision and 180-degree 3CCD video!”

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#Artists for #Disclosure founder cites deep spirituality in UFO contact

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video posted to YouTube on January 7, 2015, goes behind the scenes of Disclosure activism and UFO contact with #Artists for #Disclosure founder and Project Coordinator Thomas Kortholm featuring an interview that touches on some of the most personal issues of contact along with its ethical and spiritual implications. The music industry veteran is the driving force behind a public information campaign that has placed Disclosure-advocacy advertising on high-profile websites including Rolling Stone. The campaign targets public participation in compelling the United States government to reveal its secrets concerning an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Based in Vejle, Denmark, #Artists for #Disclosure draws upon free industry promotional resources shared by a group of international musical artists out of California, Australia and Germany including pianist/composer Andi Starr, singer/songwriter Ned Branchi, multi-instrumentalist StarGazer and underground house party/art music group That Noise (see detailed artist bios below). The project has created two free Android Apps and accumulated over 1600 fans on ReverbNation, the website that has reportedly helped millions of emerging artists build their careers. Their current focus targets support for the newly-announced Disclosure Petition VII which seeks 100,000 signatures within 30 days.

What distinguishes the 46-year old husband and father from online garden-variety lip-service UFO activism is his direct involvement with UFO contact and grassroots leadership in Contact-related education. Thomas Kortholm is currently floating a proposal to offer a three-day “HeartInMotion” Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) and Human Initiated Close Encounters (HICE) training session on the island of Hjarnø, Denmark, with a number of proposed dates in 2015. There are more details on his blog and the preliminary program is also outlined below.

On January 1, 2015, the life-long contactee posted a video to YouTube displaying a luminous orb UFO that made two overhead passes while accompanying a New Year’s fireworks celebration. To offer further insight regarding his reflections on the nature of personal contact, Thomas Kortholm spoke with in a video interview from his offices in Vejle, Denmark on January 7, 2015. The following partial transcript has been edited for clarity.

“I have had UFO experiences since I was a kid and also had shared experiences with others. These were not however in the form of human-initiated contact [CE-5]. I’ve also followed Ufology and science all of my life. When the “Sirius” movie directed by Amardeep Kaleka investigated the Atacama humanoid I got really interested. I thought that maybe I should check some of these things out. I decided to try and start meditating following the guided meditation offered by Dr. Steven Greer. I did that for quite some time and nothing really happened.

“I found the meditation very peaceful so I started looking into other ways of performing this practice. But I kept doing the CE-5 contact meditation hoping that something would happen. Then the “Sirius” movie came out and the Citizen Hearing. When I watched “Sirius” I noticed Kosta Makreas who mentioned a loosely-organized global community of people practicing CE-5 contact with a website called ET Let’s Talk. I thought, “I should get in touch with him,” because that sounded really interesting. I did and right from the start he was very helpful and nice.

“That was in May 2013 and at that time I was thinking “You just have to wait until you see the next one,” because my practice was not working. Then in June I suddenly felt like something was going on. I was feeling like I was connecting. Walking outside I suddenly had a sighting. I tried telepathically asking “Are you listening, are you there?” requesting the object to change color and direction. There seemed to be some kind of response to which I replied “Yay!” It was amazing.

“Of course I told my wife who countered with “Wow, that sounds interesting, you crazy fellow.” A few weeks later we were walking the dogs. Coming out of a tunnel I knew right away that they were here. I looked up and our red friend was there. I told my wife who looked up and said “Wow, it’s true.” I suggested that she try to make it change direction or color with her mind. The object zig-zagged a bit then phased out. Her response to this was “Wow, make them land!” Because of these events I became convinced that I had to work further with the phenomena.

“Through the ET Let’s Talk community we got in touch with a member named “StarGazer,” a musician from Germany who had also accumulated a lot of sighting and contact experiences. He said that he would like to come and visit us in Denmark and we agreed. He came and we had some really long and good talks. Then we went to a small island called Hjarnø near where I live. I had been there ten days earlier at a media production camp where I was teaching music. The weather was beautiful and I took some of the students to the beach at night. We performed a CE-5 exercise and they also had a beautiful experience. Because of this I thought that this island would be a nice place to visit again.

“We went there, we jammed and watched the starships and had an amazing experience. We had some orb pictures taken which was pretty amazing because I did not believe in orbs at that time. It certainly changed my mind. That commenced my commitment to perform these exercises on a regular basis.

“I really want to learn more about this. It’s very deep. The inner-development part of this is very personal and deeply spiritual. Feeling the connection inside brings knowledge that you are not alone, ever. “

Watch the #Artists for #Disclosure Video Trailer. Download the #Artists for #Disclosure free Android App.

#Artists for #Disclosure Artist Bios


“Andi Starr is a classically trained pianist, identical twin, and pastor’s daughter, who at twenty-two-years old, picked up a $100 guitar to help her find a way out of the religious upbringing that no longer worked for her. Andi Starr’s particular gift is in turning difficult subject matter into heartfelt, sometimes haunting, and always beautiful compositions. Culturespill Magazine states: “Andi Starr hits the right notes: the notes that hurt, the notes that know you, the notes that make you meet yourself.”


“Ned Branchi is a singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia whose career began in the late eighties with many bands including “Ned & the HDs”, Angry Marrows” and “The Horla” just to name a few and has appeared on stage with some of the biggest bands in the world. In the early 90’s Ned was a founding member and singer-songwriter of “BTJ” who went on to release his material on 3 CDs “Killervision”, “Soulfeast” and “Rough Justice”. In the late 90’s Ned founded “Spoon”, an Alternative grunge rock band forged in the sweaty pubs of Newcastle, taking Newcastle by storm and soon becoming one of the biggest bands on the East Coast of Australia.”


StarGazer always had a passion for music. At the age of 14 he began to play classical guitar. With the age of 16 some oriental instruments came into his life. Hand drums such as Djembe and Darabuka and something special: a Renaissance bagpipe. At the age of 23 the “Hang” landed in his hands and always accompanied him on his trips, to express his feelings and memories of the people he met.”


“Cutting their teeth in the So Cal underground house party and Downtown Los Angeles art scenes, That Noise purposefully colors outside the lines and their sonic penmanship is an explosive and stimulating aural antidote for the pop-weary. Continually playing shows and winning over fans one at a time is their Modus operandi.”

Preliminary 2015 “HeartInMotion” CE-5/HICE Program Schedule

Departure Snaptun: 17:30 [Bus 104 from Horsens 16:55]
18.00 – 19:00: Check in at Hjarnø Camping
19:30 – 21:00: Welcome, Information & Dinner.
21.30 – ???: We go to the beach, find our place, and begin the CE-5/HICE exercises.

9:00 – 10:30 Breakfast.
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch.
[10:00 until sunset: Sea kayaking trip around the Hjarnø, the weather determines which day it might be]
16.00 – 18:00: Introduction to CE-5/HICE: “Ethics, Protocol, Techniques”
19 – 20.30: Dinner
21.00 – ???: CE-5/HICE exercises on the beach [Possibly indoor weather dependent]

9:00 – 10:30: Breakfast.
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch.
[10:00 until sunset: Sea kayaking trip around the Hjarnø, the weather determines which day it might be]
16.00 – 18:00: Introduction to CE-5/HICE: “Meditation, Visualization & Vectoring”
19 – 20.30: Dinner
21.00 – ???: CE-5/HICE exercises on the beach [Possibly indoor weather dependent]

9:00 – 10:30: Breakfast.
12:00 – 13:00: Lunch.
[10:00 until sunset: Sea kayaking trip around the Hjarnø, the weather determines which day it might be]
13.30 – 15.30: Evaluation & Summary
16:00: Check out from Hjarnø Camping.
17:00: Ferry to Snaptun [Bus connection to Horsens and Juelsminde. Route 104.]

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