Kenneth Arnold’s alien UFO reflections imply time’s bidirectional arrow

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive video published to YouTube on June 18, 2014, purported to reveal alien origins behind what the Atlantic magazine had cited as a 1947 UFO incident that “introduced the world to flying saucers.” The unprecedented video report filtered pilot Kenneth Arnold’s spoken witness testimony through a lossless digital audio mirror to demonstrate his unconscious sleep talking-like narrative indicating contact with “alien UFOs” during three separate interviews recorded over a thirty year period. This new evidence emerged prior to publication of scientific research suggesting how the thermodynamic arrow of time points in two distinct directions.

Authenticating the pilot’s testimony in the absence of any photographic or other instrumental record offered significant progress in a stagnant research climate where legacy UFO scientists demanded improved methods of witness interrogation. In his evaluation of Project Blue Book as an attempt by the United States Air Force to cover up valid phenomena, astronomer and former United States government UFO scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek once cited the absence of any Blue Book-improved method of comprehensive witness interrogation.

This critique suggested how Dr. Hynek envisioned possible witness testimony rich in additional details being overlooked by investigators intent upon enforcing an official doctrine of ignorance and denial regarding the existence of UFOs (along with implications of intelligent operators). Evidence of such doctrine can be found in the Durant Report from the CIA Robertson Panel of 1953 which recommended a policy of public smear campaigns targeting individuals claiming UFO sightings and extraterrestrial contact.

On January 12, 2015, researcher and media producer John Greenewald announced his publication of the government archives to The Black Vault website, stating “I am very excited to announce that after months of collecting, programming and converting, I’ve completed a database of 130,000 pages, consisting of more than 10,000 cases, of the Project Blue Book files (including Sign and Grudge). Although some sites exist out there with some of these files, many are not complete, nor do they have the records in a searchable, .PDF format. This new site has it all, is easily navigable, searchable, and free.”

Click here to watch “Decrypting Kenneth Arnold’s Aliens”: “Produced by a veteran Mt. Adams wilderness region UFO videographer and internationally acclaimed speech analyst, this video takes an unprecedented look at how, in the absence of any photographic or other instrumental evidence gathered in support of Kenneth Arnold’s personal UFO narrative, the authenticity of this case can be established using lossless digital mirror filtering that allows observers to study audible reflections of unconscious sleep talking-like communications.”

On June 24, 1947, private aircraft operator Kenneth Arnold told staff at an air strip in Yakima, Washington, how he saw nine supersonic UFOs traveling in formation between Mt. Rainer and Mt. Adams earlier that afternoon. He would participate in a number of subsequent media interviews over a period of thirty years, of which at least three are available online. The new video draws from his June 26, 1947, KWRC radio interview, a May, 1949, CBS Radio Special Report along with on-camera statements reportedly offered during the June 24, 1977, First International UFO Congress in Chicago.

The video subjects these recordings of Kenneth Arnold’s spoken testimony to lossless digital mirror filtering whereby portions of the audio reveal apparently intelligible phrases encrypted backwards within his speech. It is a matter of public record that this innovative analytic procedure (popularized through late-night talk radio during the 1990’s) has revealed the signatures of unconscious sleep talking-like communications disclosing verifiably factual information characterized by military, forensic and clinical precision that anticipated details of the Iraq War, identified the BTK Killer and disclosed Edward Snowden’s UFOs.

Three recurring incidents of any event can invoke notions of planned intelligent actions. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Norman Mineta has illustrated his personal plan-detecting methodology by citing the rule of three on a number of occasions as expressed in the maxim “omne trium perfectum” (Latin: “Everything that comes in groups of three is complete”).

“When you see one of something happen, it’s an accident. When you see two of the same thing happening, it’s a trend. When you see three, it’s a plan,” said the former transportation secretary.

By such a Mineta standard it can be understood that multiple incidents of the term “alien” encrypted backwards within the recorded spoken testimony of pilot and UFO witness Kenneth Arnold over a 30-year period are no accident and not simply a pattern but are in fact indicative of planned communications leading to the unfoldment of human consciousness and the integration of modern civilization with a larger cosmic society.

The publication of new evidence in support of pilot Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 UFO claims provided new and unprecedented insight into a case that evidenced the power of terrestrial media to capture the public imagination (in what has now become a meme-driven online environment). Concurrently, reported secret messages describing aliens and UFOs appear to contradict orthodox notions of time both in the production of backwards real-time encryption and in transmitting acronyms that would not be formalized until the next decade, years after their appearance in the 1947 KWRC radio interview.

While scientists including Professor & Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the UC Irvine School of Social Sciences Kourosh Saberi acknowledge human speech as a multidimensional stimulus, there is presently no published neurological theory that explains the existence of these communications as native to brain performance in human speech behavior. The messages also appear in defiance of the arrow of time as defined by physics, in which time and all time-dependent events flow in one direction only, from past to present to future. The notion of a past which itself originates from the future appears to evade such discussions.

Two distinct, symmetric and opposite arrows of time were recently identified in research that suggests how time’s arrow may move concurrently in two directions. Those findings published this past October in Physical Review Letters explained how a simple “big bang” computer simulation demonstrated the influence of Newtonian gravity on particles expanding outwards along two temporal pathways.

APS/Alan Stonebraker
APS/Alan Stonebraker

The authors study one of the simplest possible systems: a collection of N point particles interacting through Newtonian gravity. Their only assumptions are that the total energy (potential plus kinetic) and the total angular momentum of the system are zero. From earlier numerical simulations and analytic analysis, it is known that in the distant future, such a system tends to break up into weakly interacting subsystems—typically, pairs of masses in Keplerian orbits. Starting with such a dispersed system and running time backwards, one might expect that it would coalesce in the past into a state of high density. Barbour and his coauthors show analytically that this expectation is right: for almost every initial configuration of masses, there is a unique moment of minimum size and maximum uniformity. From this point, the system expands outward, approximately symmetrically in both directions of time.”

If the term UFO was officially created in 1953 by the United States Air Force, it also appears in the secret messages derived from a 1947 radio broadcast. This observation may represent wishful thinking and bias on the part of the observer or could provide further evidence of time-independent functions of the human brain in which the past, present and future are all perceived as elements of a singular continuum.

The filtering procedure used to mirror Kenneth Arnold’s spoken testimony has been cited above for its power to forecast future events. Perhaps the apparently time-independent nature of these communications lend themselves best to revealing information that resides beyond the horizon of conventional human time perception, disclosing now-common acronyms that would not come into usage until six years later.

The following partial transcript of Kenneth Arnold’s three interviews describing the events of June 24, 1947, was edited for clarity.

Aliens won’t attack: (1947) As I kept looking at them I kept looking for their tails. They didn’t have any tails. I thought, well, maybe something’s wrong with my eyes. I turned the plane around and opened the window and looked out the window and sure enough I couldn’t find any tails on them. The whole observation of these particular ships didn’t last more than about two and a half minutes. I could see them only plainly when they seemed to tip their wing (or whatever it was) and the sun flashed on them.

Saw my spaceship. A UFO: (1947) They looked something like a pie plate that was cut in half with sort of a convex triangle in the rear. I thought that maybe they’re jet planes with just the tails painted green or brown and didn’t think too much of it but kept on watching them. They didn’t fly in the conventional formation that’s taught in our army. They seemed to weave in and out right above the mountain tops. I would say that they even went down into the canyons in several instances probably 100 feet.

Aliens. Listen. Laugh. They’re real: (1949) They passed almost directly in front of me but at a distance of about 23 miles (which is not very great in the air). I judged the wingspan to be at least 100 feet across. The sighting did not particularly disturb me at the time except that I had never seen planes of that type.

Alien. Need the plan: (1977) Right here we’ve seen something. I’ve seen something. Hundreds of pilots have seen something in the skies. We have dutifully reported these things. And we have to have 15 million witnesses before anybody is going to look into the problem seriously? Why this is utterly fantastic. This is more fantastic than flying saucers or people from Venus or anything as far as I’m concerned.

[This article originally appeared as “Kenneth Arnold’s aliens in the mirror transcend flying saucer cover-ups” in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for June 18, 2014.]

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Flying saucer UFOs over Vancouver and the Pleiadian pilot who flies them redux

Summer videographers blew the whistle on UFO denial redux

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive video published to YouTube on July 31, 2014, further substantiated the case for a UFO corridor in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood by revealing luminous discharges from the flight of a tumbling opaque body during early evening hours. A second video published on August 1, 2014, demonstrated what many have suspected all along; that golden orbs over English Bay are executing dramatic turns while crossing midnight skies. At least one inevitable conclusion drawn from such freely-available instrumental findings points to the existence of derelict publicly-funded federal institutions steeped in cult-like legacies of ritual abuse, denial and secrecy.

While there exists a possibility that UFOs become visible only by special appearance upon receipt of summons from their designated contactees, the evidence provided by summer local part-time videographers suggests a different scenario. That perspective celebrates the possibility of detectable flights which may occur in ways similar to visible movements of wildlife such as those exhibited by anciently-established local populations of bald eagles, great blue herons, peregrine falcons and barred owls.

In the post-Edward Snowden era of widely-disclosed mass surveillance, these phenomena may have already received thorough documentation and cataloging by publicly-funded federal institutions using modern precision instruments. An evidently dogmatic sequestering of subsequent advances in knowledge has led to a dishonorable impoverishment of the marketplace of ideas. After all, would British Columbians ever accept what can reasonably be considered as the industrial-scale-environmental-disasters-in-the-making Northern Gateway and Trans Mountain pipelines empowered with a firm understanding that seemingly free-energy non-petroleum-based modes of transportation have been successfully operating in local skies for thousands of years?

Click here to watch “Summer Daylight Contact in Vancouver UFO Corridor” filmed by Les Murzsa via Patreon, the site that enables fans to support the creators they love: “This latest footage from the Mount Pleasant UFO corridor continues in a tradition of published neighborhood imaging that extends back at least as early as 1937. The camera’s redundant triple sensor array combined with patented focus assist technology offers a clear high-definition view of what can only be described as the flight of an anomaly, one in a series of events that has been documented at this location in recent years.”

Click here to watch “Vancouver UFO proof WOW Aug 1st, 2014” filmed by Charles Lamoureux via YouTube: “Watch entire video. Evidence these orbs/craft are not mundane objects. Flight pattern are not normal. Captured with Luna Digital Night vision monocular. Compared video of UFO to July 27, 2014 sighting and it’s virtually identical; same coordinates in the sky and time just after midnight. Both objects left Cypress area at approx. 30 degrees above the horizon and rest is history. This is a common sight. I just happened to film it for its entire journey this time!”

The Durant report of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s 1953 Robertson Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects cited possible subversion by unofficial investigators congregating for constitutionally-protected purposes of discourse, debate and public education. Durant anticipated widespread sightings and the mass influence of these progressive thinkers in a vacuum created by derelict institutions whose commitment to public service is occulted by corporate-funded agendas. Like the jazz musician of the early twentieth century today’s independent UFO research has inherited a legacy of state-sponsored McCarthyite witch-hunting that cites conspiracy theories as a clear and present danger.

Evidence of Canadian capitulation to CIA initiatives can be found in the once-covert MK-ULTRA experiments conducted at McGill University cited as the precursors to torture methods (such as those admitted to by President Obama) used at Guantanamo Bay. The Canadian government and CIA are said to have co-funded the inception of modern psychological torture from 1957 to 1964 and the McGill experiments were reportedly foundational in drafting the 1963 Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Handbook (read “CIA torture manual”). Given the facts of known Canadian history, would an appeal to UFO debunking and public indoctrination as cited by Durant seem excessive to a society willing to sponsor torture research?

Was the good doctor just kidding or did the reported events of Contact in the Desert’s 2013 edition represent a pre-roll-out test run of public response to soon-to-be-state-imposed false-flag-substantiated security theatre at UFO contact and educational events? Agents of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) can be heard loudly proclaiming how travelers who decline their death-ray services consent to receiving predatory pat-downs at YVR today. Will their colleagues be saying the same of those who inquire about the nature of UFO contact as well?

The irony of how one of the most-vaunted participants in free-energy, contact and disclosure has in recent years implemented security protocols at public events (that can only be described as reminiscent of Transportation Security Administration abuses of travelers at airports) invites consideration of novel initiatives in which experiencers pursuing contact in the near future will be subject to intervention by agents of a conjectural UFO Contact Transportation Security Agency. Lensed through the cult of 9/11 (whose rituals impose the bombardment of travelers with rays from Frankenscience inventions and/or invasive predatory pat-downs) the UFO contact event is evidently envisioned in some circles as an opportune locale for the further diminishment of human rights in a planet-apartheid-Israel-like scenario.

The vacuous legacy of the derelict institutions is now more evident than ever before as innovative technologists like Les Murzsa and Charles Lamoureux journed this summer beyond the precipice of state-sponsored mass ignorance to reveal their video findings online. While those brave individuals shrugged off the illusions of reality television-propagated deception concerning UFO contact, it can be stated how they simply replicated discoveries achieved previously by publicly-sponsored institutions.

An important distinction notes how both local videographers evidently proceeded in ways different from those of the mainstream culture by emphasizing transparency and public collegiality. Does their commitment to continued work in contact and disclosure and the commitment of those like them all over the world offer seeds of hope for a better society of the future?

Class is now in session! Whether you’re considering purchasing night vision optics or simply interested in what’s happening in the world of UFOs, Exopolitics, Contact and Disclosure, “UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners” can be your ultimate inside pass offering exclusive front-line access to one of today’s hottest issues. Recorded live at the ECETI Ranch (near the site of Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 “flying saucers” incident) this introductory class provides essential insights into Disclosure, UFO Communications, Psychic Dimensions of Contact and Night Vision Equipment.

Click here for a free preview and to sign up for this streaming on-demand video class now.

[This article originally appeared in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for August 3, 2014.]

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Flying saucer UFOs over Vancouver and the Pleiadian pilot who flies them redux

MH370: CIA front Inmarsat’s SIGNINT Iran nuclear missile secrets revealed

Flying saucer UFOs over Vancouver and the Pleiadian pilot who flies them redux

By Jon Kelly

Exclusive video posted to YouTube on October 4, 2014, revealed the performance of a daylight flying saucer recorded in high-definition multi-sensor color as it passes through the local UFO corridor near Vancouver City Hall. During his initial report Canadian videographer Les Murzsa stated by voicemail how his instrumental documentation shows a black disc “doing the wobbles and flipping over” while flying along a linear northwestern trajectory just after 6:00 p.m. PST on the evening of September 25, 2014.

In an email delivered on the eve of publication, Les Murzsa wrote to this reporter how he “received confirmation” from his Pleiadian extraterrestrial spirit guide (who goes by the name of “Paymo”) that “it was her flying that saucer.” The videographer went on to describe confirmation received as an inner vision during one of many out-of-body experiences that accompany his ongoing contact-oriented lifestyle.

“Rather than telling me the information she showed me something instead. I was out of body and I was shown Paymo posing next to her saucer. She was smiling, standing in uniform with the saucer parked next to her. It was parked upright so that I could see underneath. It was a grey, metallic craft no more than 20 feet in diameter and I could see the inner rings underneath. There was at least one round ring and also one ring that resembled the hexagonal shape [discovered during image enhancement],” he wrote.

Click here to watch “Flying Saucer UFO With Halo Over Vancouver” on YouTube’s SecretMessageTV: “The September 25, 2014, flying saucer video of Canadian UFO videographer Les Murzsa reveals a white halo accompanying the object that becomes dramatically visible with contrast adjustment of the image. The same procedure applied to the similarly dark roof of the house does not generate the same artifact, inviting speculation that a cloud of charged particles accompanies this disc and that other daylight orb UFOs seen over Vancouver may harbor additional discs inside of such clouds as well.”

With contrast enhancement a pronounced white halo accompanying this latest Vancouver flying saucer (as seen in the raw footage) becomes strikingly visible. The same post-production technique applied to video images of the similarly dark roof of the house from where observation occurred, recorded with the same camera, imaging parameters and lighting conditions within minutes before the UFO was captured does not replicate this artifact. The results of such an investigative analysis invite speculation concerning how the halo seen in the video may represent a cloud of charged particles surrounding the disc in its flight through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The appearance of such an object imaged at this Mount Pleasant location invokes the 1937 Vancouver City Hall UFO recorded on film by Leonard Lamoureux. From a comparable perspective that image clearly depicts an object in flight along a linear trajectory surrounded by a cloud of particles in an eye-like configuration whose wake trails towards the left of the frame. Related family member astronomer Charles Lamoureaux’s contemporary night vision video collection recorded from his Yaletown apartment is also populated with what he describes as an intelligently-controlled “wobbler” UFO shown by multiple cameras to stop and change direction in flight.

As with all of his previous footage, Les Murzsa used the JVC GZ-HD7US high-definition video camcorder to capture this latest flying saucer incident. That camera’s redundant triple sensor array combined with patented Focus Assist technology (plus additional neutral density filtration) guarantees accurate color and a precisely defined focal plane achieving an unshakable lock on the subject in 1080i HD resolution during the period of observation. JVC’s built-in Fujinon lens has also been cited by one online reviewer for an absence of Lateral Chromatic Aberration, further limiting the role of possible misfocused color wavelengths in producing the white specter.

The September 25, 2014, flying saucer video represents the second of two similar events recorded by Canadian UFO videographer Les Murzsa from the same location at almost the same time of day just over five years apart. The use of triple-sensor imaging in both instances satisfies minimum requirements for redundant systems limiting the role of camera and interpretative errors. Combined with the above-mentioned Lamoureux family legacy of recording similar objects in the same neighborhood using film and dual night vision arrays over two different centuries compounds the validity of these observations.

After all, citations of only three related events were used by former United States Secretary of Transportation and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Norman Mineta to explain how he determined when to ground the entire multi-billion dollar United States airline industry during the third quarter of 2001. Through repeated testimony he explained that “When you see one of something happen, it’s an accident. When you see two of the same thing happening, it’s a trend. When you see three, it’s a plan.”

Vancouver’s UFO videographers have met and exceeded such a Mineta standard through the publication of their video results on free publicly-accessible distribution platforms like YouTube. Their actions are blowing the whistle on what can only be described as otherwise ridiculous lip-service activists through the delivery of consistent and timely results. These efforts persist in spite of mainstream media attempts at debunking via gotcha comments from so-called reality television personalities. Their evidence also defies extremist rhetoric that would deny freedom of speech in articulating Pleiadian influences along with the possibility that UFOs can be imaged by any means at all. salutes the brave people of Vancouver, jewel of the Pacific coast, whose legacy in contributing to humanity’s understanding of cosmic phenomena in the Omniverse exceeds the call of duty and rises above the desperate dark ambitions of these times. Shine on, Vancouver, with your flying saucer UFOs and public committed to living the truth in an ever-expanding consciousness of life heretofore unimaginable by less-talented minds.

[This article originally appeared in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for October 5, 2014.]

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