Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Unconsciously Anticipated Death by Murder Secret Interview Messages Reveal

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to social media on October 25, 2018, follows reporter Jon Kelly as he walks through a graveyard in Natchez, Mississippi, while investigating the reported murder by torture and dismemberment of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Granular analysis decrypts the Yemen War critic’s secret interview audio highlight released posthumously by Newsweek revealing multidimensional messages that anticipated the reputed Saudi intelligence operative’s death by murder at the hands of multiple male suspects.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and U.S. President Trump denouncer was said to have feared for his life after fleeing the country. Months after the Osama Bin Laden former associate’s departure the 2017 Saudi Arabian Purge reportedly employed American mercenary torturers against an estimated 500 individuals arrested in a campaign targeting repression of the war crime regime’s critics.

In a 2015 statement Mr. François Delattre, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, highlighted that 90 percent of crimes against journalists are not prosecuted, naming the state’s primary responsibility to investigate along with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“The primary responsibility in this area lies with the states,” the head of France’s UN mission said, “Which must systematically investigate such crimes and prosecute the perpetrators. The International Criminal Court may also play a role. Under the Geneva Conventions,” the former Ambassador of France to Canada (2008-2011) continued, “Journalists are civilians; their murder may constitute a war crime under the Rome Statute.”

Research that exposed human speech as a “multidimensional stimulus” with “numerous ways you can extract a message from it” was reported in the scientific journal Nature in 1999. In that report human observers were described as competent in resolving words while listening to highly-distorted speech recording samples. The procedure followed by scientists at Cal State involved digitally sampling recordings of human speech where samples were then reduced to grains of @50ms in duration.

Those grains were then locally time-reversed and globally resequenced in an attempt to emulate conditions found in voice-over-digital-network transmission (now commonly referred to as VoIP telephony). This methodology parallels techniques commonly used in biosciences where the nucleotides (grains) of a DNA molecule (sample) are resequenced in attempts to express novel characteristics of existing organisms (or to synthesize entirely new organisms from existing genetic materials).

For every set of discrete items the number of possible permutations of its order or sequence can be determined by using what is known as the factorial function (n!) where for example 3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6. In terms of granular speech synthesis the number of 50ms grains can be substantial, leading to what mathematicians call large numbers. For example, calculating the number of possible permutations of a set of 21 50ms grains by factorial function can be said to result in approximately 51 sextillion different sequences (5.1090942e+19).

However, for every set of discrete items (no matter how many), it can also be said that one possible permutation will always reflect the mirror or reverse order of the original sequence. In such a way (1, 2, 3) is newly rendered as (3, 2, 1). This understanding offers a shortcut of which common knowledge within the scientific and engineering communities is indicated by the inclusion of reverse macro functions in widely-used digital audio workstation (DAW) software applications and hardware. Investigators following the sampling, granular time-reversing and resequencing procedure modeled by scientists studying human speech intelligibility at Cal State can bypass untold iterations and simply monitor audio playback in reverse or mirror order with one click of a cursor.

From this reporter’s perspective the most important reason for bypassing myriad alternative sequence iterations is founded upon empirical evidence of practical intelligence discovered encrypted backwards in human speech. In the public domain this intelligence has offered preemptive understanding of facts concerning the Iraq War, the identity of one serial killer, the identity of a Russian spy and the resurrection of a CIA assassination program all named in broadcast media and online publications sometimes years before they were substantiated by mainstream news reports. Some of these reports are detailed in links provided below.

However, within modern society there remain numerous deeply ingrained superstitious implications of such encrypted multidimensional speech phenomena. These perceptions can be said founded upon dogmatic unscientific belief in fictitious untestable unproven entities and their supposed influences upon human behavior. Proponents of such scandalous misconceptions would stir the public to reject any suggestion of a time wheel’s (Sanskrit “Kalachakra”) bi-directional rotation, for instance. It is this type of Luddite perspective that would discourage the use of an automobile transmission’s reverse gear, compelling motorists to circumnavigate the globe instead of simply backing into a parking spot.

Therefore, only those capable of rejecting medieval injunctions against widdershins procession can embrace the type of volatile materials revealed through such a path of auditory inquiry. To quote one prominent Seattle psychologist this extremely psychoactive procedure and its findings are “not for beginners”.

Let’s now take a look at results from this most recent investigative forensic assessment focused upon murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s secret Newsweek interview. The following remarks highlight these findings in bold followed by transcripts of the statements from which they were derived (Newsweek ‘JAMAL KHASHOGGI SECRET INTERVIEW’ published October 19, 2018).

His murder /2 The dead guy: Deep inside him, he is an old-fashioned tribal leader. Look at the Kuwaiti judiciary, which is like a Gulf state; the society is very much close to the Saudi society. But the Kuwaiti judiciary is way more advanced than the Saudi judiciary, way more transparent than the Saudi judiciary.

Why does MBS not see that part of reform? Because it will limit his authoritarian rule, and he doesn’t want that. He doesn’t see the need for that. So sometimes I feel that…he wants to enjoy the fruits of First World modernity and Silicon Valley and cinemas and everything, but at the same time he wants also to rule like how his grandfather ruled Saudi Arabia.

You’re dead. /2 My killer men: I don’t think he can. But if there is no one. First of all, there is no political movement in Saudi Arabia that could pressure him, number one. And the world is happy with him. Do you see anybody in America except for Bernie Sanders who is calling for putting pressure on MBS? I only saw Bernie Sanders, but no one else.  I am sure the Americans are not going to apply pressure on MBS [unless] a true crisis happens in Saudi Arabia.

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‘Murder’: Secret Messages of the LaVoy Finicum Shooting and Political Assassination

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on March 8, 2016, reveals unconscious communications of key figures in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation during their attempt to evade police resulting in the shooting death of rancher LaVoy Finicum. Video from witness Shawna Cox released by the Oregonian captured from inside of the besieged vehicle what Grant County Sherriff Glenn Palmer reportedly cited as an “ambush.” In his prepared statement the Malheur County District Attorney was said to have described the shooting as “justified” under state law allowing use of deadly force. Widow Jeanette Finicum maintains it was “murder.”

Earlier coverage of the 2016 armed standoff near Burns, Oregon, highlighted analysis of occupation spokesperson Ammon Bundy whose secret messages alerted readers to the presence of a paid government provocateur and a sting operation while insinuating the presence of CIA Phoenix Program-related snipers. More than one Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation protester was subsequently cited for suspicion of COINTELPRO activities including Mark McConnell and embedded radio host Pete Santilli. Subsequent reports of a massive ongoing sting claimed the “FBI is believed to be conducting a nationwide warrant roundup of protesters and independent journalists involved in the recent protests and standoffs against the federal government.”

That elite FBI snipers are now under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for shots fired that hit the vehicle driven by LaVoy Finicum as he emerged with hands raised in the universal gesture of surrender appears to place events of January 26, 2016, within the well-worn domain of political assassination. It was sniper fire that turned the tide of protest in a 2014 Maidan Conspiracy where a follow-up investigation identified a resurrected CIA Phoenix Program encrypted within the remarks of Secretary of State John Kerry. reflected how “In the face of revolution against the elected government of the Ukraine, the secretary invokes a reinvigorated CIA Phoenix Program (1965 – 1972), which according to an online CIA retrospective, sought destruction of the political infrastructure of targeted nations.”

The role of the American sniper in late 20th century domestic politics is attested by the shooting deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. More recently, the 2015 San Bernardino mass shooting that preceded the Oregon occupation was colored by the presence of Craft mercenaries as outlined in a two-part report (Part I, Part II) that linked this event to the 2013 Boston Bombing.

That Ammon Bundy is currently under arrest facing trail does not exonerate him from suspicion in the same way that heiress Patty Hearst was shown to be a CIA NOC domestic operative during the SLA terrorism incidents of the 1970s who was subsequently tried and received a Presidential pardon. More information concerning the Oregon standoff protestor’s status is certain to emerge with the fullness of time.

The presence of previously unreported forensic information concerning secret premonitions in Oregon protester Shawna Cox’s in-vehicle video was detected while monitoring mirror-filtered renderings of the occupant’s statements. The video soundtrack was loaded in the edit bay of a digital audio workstation then subjected to mirror-filtering and time-expansion in preparation for a detailed auditory study. The conduct of this procedure was informed by best practices refined through repeatedly providing military, forensic and medical-grade intelligence that had been successfully vetted through practical real-world feedback over nearly 20 years of unmatched research and reporting. coverage has described how the same procedure publicly revealed details of the Iraq War, identified the BTK Killer, named Russian spy Anna Chapman’s accomplice and uncovered the UFOs and ETs in Edward Snowden’s NSA cache weeks, months and years before such information became widely-accepted public knowledge. Below is a partial transcript of besieged protestors’ statements from January 26, 2016, preceded by the pre-incident and post-incident secret messages encrypted backwards therein.

Shawna Cox: “I’ve got numbers but I can’t call because they have no service. “Mobile network not available.” Okay, they’re shooting. Okay, we’re here.”

Secret Message: “Murder. They’re shooting people. Murder.”

LaVoy Finicum: “Okay boys, this is going to get real. You want my blood on your hands? Get a gun because we’ve got people to see and places to go.”

Secret Message: “Slay me. Let all of them go.”

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Alleged NYPD shooter uttered police death threat six days prior

By Jon Kelly

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video posted to YouTube purports to reveal how a man identified in the Saturday shooting deaths of two NYPD officers stated his intent to kill police days earlier. Audio from a video reportedly posted on December 14 to the now defunct Facebook page of Ismaaiyl Brinsley evidently contains an encrypted death threat. Played through a mirror filter the 28-year old’s voice can be heard pronouncing a phrase that sounds like “Kill those pig with gun.” Another person in the car follows in stating “Suicide gets you,” anticipating tragic events that occurred six days later.

Witnesses claim they saw a lone gunman approach a patrol car in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood on Saturday, December 20, before 3:00 p.m. local time where he was said to have opened fire on two New York City police officers who struggled to exit the vehicle. The shooter then fled south on Tompkins where he took his life on a subway platform. A police investigator says it was at this location where Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot himself in the head. The incident follows in the wake of two high-profile killings by police involving African-American men in Ferguson and Staten Island.

The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have been the focus of widespread national public protests after two grand juries refused to issue indictments against the officers involved. Both cases play heavily on public sentiments concerning ongoing police brutality, racial profiling and unmet justice for communities of stakeholders. The choking death of Eric Garner was captured on video by bystanders who published the viral document online.

Highly inflammatory Instagram postings attributed to Ismaaiyl Brinsley are now receiving widespread circulation through mainstream media. What social engineering forces may be at play remain obscure however this visible escalation of violence is certain to intensify animosity between police forces and the public, leading to further incidents of greater social chaos during a season that attempts to emphasize solidarity within communities and good will for all.

The alleged shooter’s unconscious anticipation of Saturday’s events and the collective foresight through which his reported suicide was uttered offer forensic clues to premeditated actions known to multiple parties. The following analysis relies upon applied phenomena of reflection mirroring audio from the taxi ride video across the soundtrack timeline on a digital audio workstation.

The effectiveness of this procedure has been publicly demonstrated in applications where military and forensic-grade intelligence concerning events of the Iraq War, identification of the BTK Killer and UFOs in Edward Snowden’s NSA data cache was released prior to widespread acceptance as matters of public record. The partial transcript below reflects the spoken comments of Ismaaiyl Brinsley and his companion during the December, 14, 2014, cab ride and the encrypted messages detected therein.

Kill those pig with gun: “Hey Mack. My dude can you drive, like, like come on, man. Tripping man.”

Suicide gets you: “Africans don’t respect us ‘cause we American. Same, we don’t respect us. I don’t respect them.”

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